Sunday, October 23, 2022

I'm exhausted!

My lilacs are in full bloom again, 
the scent coming in the sewing room window is divine!
Picked a heap, and gave a couple of bunches away...
my roses are coming out, 
thought this yellow one (can't remember the name) was the first, 
but turns out it wasn't!

this one beat it!
This is Ebb Tide, 
a gorgeous David Austin rose in a very deep purple, 
smells divine.
and finally my weekend was spent demolishing the ensuite!
So I say goodbye to the trend of 22 years ago, 

and next week (after Cup Day) we start to say hello to the new ensuite...
it's going to be quite simple and plain, 
blue/grey white washed floor tiles that look like boards, 
plain white vanity and top, chrome sink mixer, 
plain white tiles on walls with a simple chrome/white/clear skinny feature tile, 
and a chrome framed shower screen,
the walls will be painted a lovely soft grey to match in with the tiles. 
watch this space, I'll try to update as its done. 


Sunday, October 9, 2022


well the weather has been a little wet and wild again this week,
I went to my hairdressers on Friday, it was raining quite a bit, 
by the time I left (around 30-40 mins later) this is what her front yard looked like!
there was around 6inches of water running through the garden!
these beautiful flowers were gifted to me by a client!
the scent of the rose is just amazing!
it was our wedding anniversary on Thursday and hubs surprised me with some flowers!
(hehe I gave him his favourite chocolate)
and some more beauties out of my garden!

and the cherry tree has loads of blossoms
fingers crossed they all set, 
and the birds don't get them!


Wednesday, October 5, 2022

busy as a bee in Spring


well this post is very photo Spring after all
(I have only put up a few flower photos, you would all be bored if I put them all up!)
so to start off with a quick snack...
Lemon Slice
must make another the lemon tree is starting to groan!
picked up some bargains from Aldi recently, 
always wanted one of those cute little travel irons.
now I do!

I have just added some new stock to my Etsy store
introducing my newest line, 
only 2 different designs at present, but more to come
my orchids have been stunning again this year, 
so I have bought some inside to enjoy

talk about 4 seasons in one day!
sunshine, rain, rainbow, cold, warm in the sun...don't blink it will change!

a visit to my favourite place for a couple of days R & R
and my waratahs have been showing off..
mine aren't as spectacular as some area here, but they will do...
enjoying some of them inside along with the orchids.