Saturday, December 31, 2011

abit more loveliness...

this lovely lot arrived after almost three weeks of waiting....
Christmas post always takes soooooo long.
some more Little Apples range to play with....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

secret stuff part 3

this is the parcel I sent to Denice in the US for SSCS 2011
check out her blog....lots of lovely things to see,
Denice lives in a place I would love to visit one day!

and this is what I received from Sandra in the US...
thank you so much....I have plans for that lovely fabric bundle at the back!


PS thank you Chooky for such a great swap again....can't wait for the 2012 SSCS!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

secet stuff part 2

a little bit of loveliness for me!

did you know, you can make beer from bananas????
don't know what it tastes nephew got this in his present

Christine and Jim's table runner for their new kitchen and dining area...
colours fit perfectly!
some more flower clips/brooches....


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

secret stuff part 1

these are some of the things I had been working on before Christmas (orders)
below is a large flower hairclip,
very easy to make...found the tutorial through Google
(sorry can't remember the name...just google fabric flowers? i think)

another one found online,
also easy to make, and look great as a brooch...

these are the things I made for my friend Desley, for her daughter for Christmas...
hope she liked them....
as I made each item, there were a few little persons saying how much they would like them!

a close up of the bag....turned out a little different than planned, but good all the same,
quite long, sits nicely and a great size for shopping.


back with more soon!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

to all a.....

Merry Christmas!

and hoping that everyone is safe and well in NZ and also the NT
thinking of you all


Friday, December 23, 2011

quick update before Christmas

this is what I was working on feverishly to finish before Christmas...
my friends daughter picked it up on Tuesday,
very happy with the finished product!

quick market update...
waste of time! basically...

if I was selling gourmet foods/drinks, cherries or strawberries...I would of made a small fortune!

maybe next time...if I decide to go again that is...


Friday, December 16, 2011

it's here!

my SSCS present from Sandra
thank you!

opened up the ornie...
a very cute little knitted monkey,
he will sit amongst the other Christmas toys we have...
and some lovely white frosty ornies for the tree...
Sandra must of been peeking in the windows, as they go perfectly with the purple, silver and white that my girls used this year on the tree.

and yes the other pressies ARE under the tree!
9 sleeps to go....

Monday, December 12, 2011

another one bites the dust!

weekend that is..

but I did get lots of stuff done...
played with making these....

finished off a customer order....

started and finished another customer order
just a sneaky peek!
made with the gorgeous Little Apples range...

and finally started my last customer order that's needed by Christmas Eve!

where oh where is the time going?

Monday, November 28, 2011

sorry I won't be able to attend this market...
Sunday December 4th
Healesville Community Market
River Street, Healesville

(behind the main street, just follow the crowds!)

Next market will be December 17th
Twilight market
Healesville Racecourse


Sunday, November 27, 2011

on the website

just listed these on the website...
great prices!

the above two are 25 strips of 5" WOF
(like a jelly roll, only double the width)

ten little things jelly roll
super cute, especially for little boys


Saturday, November 26, 2011


just spent the day at AQM....
so much fun,
so little time....
lots of new stuff will be appearing on the website very soon!

Met some gorgeous on line friends...
Hi Linda and Lenora...
caught up with Barb (Theodora Cleave)
and the lovely Lenna Green
saw lots and lots of faces I know (but too shy to say Hi too)
saw loads of lovely trims and things, lots and lots of fabrics, bought some gorgeous japanese buttons, and bag handles.....inspiration plus!!!!!


Friday, November 25, 2011

new errr stuff!

these were given to me today, by DH and the girls...
aren't they great...
been wanting the bottom one for ages...
got it at a great price too!

and made this banner for Christmas a couple of others that are almost finished...
($25 + $3 PH if anyones interested)

thought they might go well at the market next weekend.

Tomorrow I'm off to AQM (first time)
and I'm excited! even if the rest of the clan that will be coming with me aren't....

unlucky I say....

get over it...cos it's something I need to do, if I'm going to stay in this game....

so I may see a few there....I'll pop by and HI if I don't get too shy....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


well my parcel to .........................
is on it's way, across the ocean................'ll have to wait and see!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

another weekend bites the dust

well another weekend has bitten the dust...

what mixed weather we have had, yesterday it absolutely bucketed down ALL DAY!
today is just a lovely Spring day...not overly warm, but sunny...
got out in the garden, trimmed all the roses ready for another flowering...
trimmed a few bushes that had shot up over the last few weeks...
fixed DH up...after he managed to cut his leg with the chainsaw!
just a deep gash...very lucky..

finished my SSCS, it's packed, wrapped, labelled and ready to post tomorrow...
Woo Hoo!

Made a banner for Christmas (that's it in the header)
found all of my old Christmas fabric and planning a few more for the market in 2 weeks..

Managed to talk DH into coming with me to AQM in Melbourne next weekend!!!!
Have decided if I'm going to be doing designing and trying to sell my stuff I need to see what the professionals are I would like to have a stall there next year.....big plans afoot.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

this weekend

I've been hitting the books again!
yes that's right...more study.
this is only half the pile...the others haven't arrived yet,
this should keep me out of mischief for a while I think!

I have managed some sewing...
finished up my runner (like the one I made Sandi in our friends swap )

this one is more heavily quilted...thought I would see how it looked...

added some more hexies to the tally also...
check out the hexie progress page

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

market update and 300!

well the market has been and gone again.
weather was a bit errrr...funny,
hot, cold, humid, threatening clouds, few spits of rain
we got it all...
not too bad a day...
although there was heaps of other things on around the place...
the other 'big' market,
a nearby car rally,
the Whittlesea show,
get the idea?

it was fun, sold a bit, now to get ready for the next one!

Now onto the 300 bit....
that's 300 posts...
seems like just yesterday I started this blog...
what fun, new friends, lots of inspiration, great swaps, new ideas...

ever a dull moment!

hope there's another 300 to come...

my swap item for SSCS is almost finished...I'm excited!
My friend Ash tells me there are 47 days until Christmas....
OMG I had better get a move on.....
see ya

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Sunday November 6th,
Healesville Community Market
River Street, Healesville
(behind the main street, just follow the crowds!)
9am - 2pm

weather: expected 32 degrees and late thunderstorms (very late I hope!)

Hope to see you there...

Sunday, October 30, 2011


a little bit of blue and white....
can't say too's a secret!

a little bit of pink and white loveliness...

a close up of the straight lines
(that's about the extent of my quilting talents at the moment!)

it's raining here today...
and we're trying to paint!
well back to the secret sewing....

Monday, October 24, 2011

giveaway at Vicki's

Vicki is having a giveaway...
go check it out, but I hope I win!!! (sorry)


this is the sunset from Saturday night after the storm...
just beautiful after all that heavy rain, thunder and lightening!

well the market is over again.
lots of people, a few sales...nothing life changing,
an order to complete by end of November,
it wasn't all lost...managed to do 5 more hexies.....

you would not believe the day, blue skies, lots of sunshine, gentle breeze...
completely different from the night before!


Saturday, October 22, 2011


just when you thought it was going to be a lovely weekend for a market...
we get a massive thunder, lightening and rain storm

not sure how much rain we had in about 30minutes, but I reckon it was about 50mm

I'm all packed and ready to go tomorrow morning,
but I will see what the river is doing at the side of the market before I set up,
I don't want to get stuck because of flooding....

well, let's see what tomorrow morning brings, shall we?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Don't Forget

Market this weekend...
Healesville Racecourse
Healesville Yarra Glen Rd
(opposite the RAVC Club)

I'm getting excited....
(although today it's raining again!
but nothing like last time...just a couple of showers and still quite warm.....)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pooh baH!!!!!

finished stitching this cute little design I had drawn up...
cutting out for a small stocking that I'm making up for the market next weekend...

I'm so mad at myself for having "stuff" under where I'm cutting....totally forgot about it even though what I was cutting was to finish it off!!!!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

weekend sewing

still getting ready for the market on the 23rd October...
it's been a typical Spring weekend here...
rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain...
get the idea?
so it was a great time to be inside doing some of these...
sunglass cases

they were very popular last year.

still a few more to go....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

customer quilt

this gorgeous version of My Garden has been finished by Karen (no blog)
Isn't it just stunning?

in the garden today

these beauties are blooming!
the smell....divine.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blog Names

Dawn over here, wants to know why we name our blogs as we do...
well mine is quite simple...
I wanted to get my business name out there so used the name of my website...

Simple Stitches

(the 1 on the end is there only cos I stuffed up the first time doing a blog...
didn't know what I was ended up with

and that's how my blog was named...
(sorry pretty unimaginative...but it works!)

my blog has become a place where I show what I'm up to with the website, but has also become a place where friends drop in and leave comments, or just have a look and say nothing (but I know you've visited and that's great!)
It's a place where I get to visit other wonderful blogs and find new friends, get inspiration, advise, a friend to lean on, give support and most of all have some fun...

so how did your blog gets it's name?
go to Dawn's blog to add your name to the linky thingo there and add some fun to your day!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

busy weekend...

remember that washing line of bodies I showed you here????
this is what they have turned into!

well that's 3 of them...finished the other two this morning....
one green and one red ...

and this is a try out for when I actually get to do a market...

bargain stand from on ebay...
(really would love another one!)
filled with Snowmen and Santas, with a couple of Angels and Christmas dolls thrown in...
what do you think?
does it work?

today has dawned with brilliant sunshine and a gentle breeze...a perfect day for a market!
damn that rain...
(very soggy ground)

oh did give me more time to finish stuff and get other stuff started that looked like it wasn't going to get done...
fingers crossed for 3 weeks time....

Thursday, September 29, 2011


there will be NO MARKET
this weekend!
(due to all the rain we have had again....grrrrrr)


the market people have rescheduled for October 23rd.

Monday, September 26, 2011

check out Sandi's blog...her parcel arrived today too!!!!
How cool is that????

Friends Swap update

the postie arrived and left this...

Yayy...from sunny QLD....

this beautifully wrapped box was inside...

inside the paper was this box....filled with these!

aren't they lovely....
kids in the background...
I want to open that one...can I?
Can I?
(no...wait please while I take photos
F= four FQs
R = rule cover (clever)
and in some lovely batiks
(some of my favs)
I=inspiration and indulgence
(the vovos have been claimed by Diva!)
don't have any of these mags...tonights reading I think, if I can wait that long!
E=embroidery threads...
gorgeous colours!
have some ideas for these colours
(more yummy batiks!)
love the flower pots stitching...cute
D=drawstring bag
just love the butterfly fabric in this...
beautiful teddies stitchery...
now this one had me thinking???
S= Safron (name of pattern) and it needs sewing...clever huh?
and this is my loot all laid out being admired....
thank you for the lovely card with the beautiful saying inside...

love love love it all!
I thank you for gifting me such lovely things my friend!
(hope your parcel arrives today too..)

thank you to Khris for doing another wonderful swap....

(I'm off to have another look at my goodies...totally spoilt!)