Thursday, October 29, 2020


 stage 4 restrictions have been lifted

this means that more shops are opening, like cafes and restaurants and retail shops, 

which in turn means more people around...

so now I'm not sure I really want to go shopping!

(how stupid is that?)

but having seen the way people are behaving on the news each night, I think I will wait a couple of weeks before venturing too far....

another #modablockheads3 block done, 
this one is designed by Jen Kingwell (another fantastic Aussie designer!)
beautiful rose that has my Mums name Evelyn
breakfast of champions!

crisp Spring mornings, turn into perfect Spring days

Sunday, October 25, 2020

when will it end?

 Well the Premier has said NO, we can't reopen as we are going to wait on some case tests to come back...
Wish he would stop changing the goal posts, Victorians have had enough of this crap!
Lock down the Northern Suburbs where the problem is to only a 5km radius and let the rest of us out...
some many businesses are already in great trouble, this is only going to make it worse, not to mention the mental health of some many already suffering, this could and will be a breaking point...
come on enough already!
(and if you don't agree with me that's fine but kindly keep your comments to yourself)

some blocks I managed this week
these 2 are for a FB group sewalong called Joyful, 
one block per month...

Christmas is around the corner...literally!
my first lemon tart (of many I'm sure)

this is my other mollis azalea down the pretty!
slashed down the back on Friday...too wet to do all of it, but the main part is done
some #modablockhead3 blocks...

and some of the roses are putting on a show, shame the rain spoilt the buds on quite a few, but I'm sure they will bounce back later in the season
this one is Hot Chocolate
Ebb Tide
one lonesome cherry!
red bottlebrushes are spectacular this year
blooms for inside, Blue Moon, Just Joey and I think the red one is Camp David
and my house smells amazing today, candle from work 
enjoy the rest of your weekend I'm off to sew a little more

Sunday, October 18, 2020

lovely end to the working week

forgot to show a close up of the 9th block from last week...Rising Star 
not sure I like the blue I chose for the outer points..too late I'm leaving it as is!

this is the 10th block Denise's Star...isn't it lovely?
my sweet pea basket is starting to bloom more, some red ones this time
Friday afternoon shopping, my coffee was too hot to drink so found a lovely spot to sit and relax for a few minutes while it cooled
Watts river is the one that feeds into Maroondah Dam (above)

we have had a bit of rain so the dam is full, the spillway is overflowing and the little river is looking wonderful!

 Hope you're enjoying your weekend...

Bathurst is on...

Rugby finals...

AFL finals...

it's all happening!

Monday, October 12, 2020


you wouldn't think that these 2 photos are of the same waratah?
well it is..the top one is how far it has opened since being picked and bought inside..
I don't think its going to open any more than this (it's been like this for about 2 weeks, and the outer petals (leaves) are starting to brown off)
and the bottom photo is the day before it was picked ....
the colour changes are amazing!
9 blocks done in the Star sewalong on FB in one of the groups I'm in 
some bounty from the garden
roses from DH for our wedding annivsary last week...
didn't even have to drop any hints it was coming!

as you can see the garden is putting  on a lovely show and the roses haven't started yet!

some more Moda Blockheads 3, 
bit behind on this one again as I have been doing some sewing for a friend (and getting paid for it!)

sorry forgot this one...
the purple clump was just amazing this year!
see ya!