Monday, January 11, 2021

a finish!

this is going to be my camping quilt...its lap size so perfect for my camp chair...

blocks were from a FB group I'm in (all freebies from the internet) 

needed 16, so added 4 from to quilt it!

 my orange flowering gum is putting on a show again too!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Christmas is almost upon us!

Christmas decorating is a bit slack this year, 
just can't be bothered, so the snowman collection came out, 
the light up stars and tree, 
snowflakes on the windows and the lights on the front verandah (that stay up all year)
that's it!
No tree!


Friday, December 4, 2020

jam packed couple of weeks

lots of garden spam....still lots of beautiful colours in the garden
these are my $2 lilly pots (2 lots of them) that are blooming beautifully

morning walks again...
a few more modablockheads3 completed
think I'm only 2 behind now

celebrated a birthday last week, this was breakfast!
a new ring for the collection (the blue one)
some lovely rusty garden art from my youngest daughter and her fiance...

that's right, forgot in all my excitement, my youngest got engaged on November 6th!

playing at some recycling those big coffee jars into terrariums

and a new family on the lake

remember that one lonesome cherry on the tree?
Hubby went to pick it 2 days after this photo was taken,
just to let it ripen a little more....
it was GONE!
damn bird got it!
Now he has to wait til next year, 
and will have to net the tree so we actually get to taste them!

 see ya!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

first weekend away in forever!

my orange lillies are amazing this year...

a couple more of my roses...still going strong
the sweet pea hanging basket is coming to an end I think...
first year I have grown them in a long time

pretty geraniums 
another cute package arrived containing..

what else but fabric!
hubby almost stepped on this guy one night going to turn the sprinkler off 
I almost stepped on this one going up the steps towards the house.
got to visit my favourite place ...first time we have been anywhere in 6 months!

and its been 13 months since our last visit here...we were coming in March of this year but then Covid hit!
and while we were here, we got to play with this machine!

 and in the outside bathroom a thrush had decided to make a nest, but unfortunately she abandoned it (before we got there) my sister had just left the nest in basket where it was...

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

update time!

another couple of modablocks3 are finished...8 and 12"
really happy with how they both turned out

this little guy has decided to make my garden his home...he just better not start digging a burrow or he will be evicted!

the garden is looking just perfect at the moment

a few of the roses I haven't shown this year 
it was EDs birthday over the long weekend, as we were just allowed out of lockdown we celebrated with immediate family..

didn't realise the cake looked like a giant donut until I saw the photo....had to laugh and it was yum!

always be viligant when gardening....and wear gloves!

this fellow was in a succulent hanging off the side of a I moved the pot the plant fell off and he was coming out from under the leaves....

 picked some for inside ...the smells are divine!

Thursday, October 29, 2020


 stage 4 restrictions have been lifted

this means that more shops are opening, like cafes and restaurants and retail shops, 

which in turn means more people around...

so now I'm not sure I really want to go shopping!

(how stupid is that?)

but having seen the way people are behaving on the news each night, I think I will wait a couple of weeks before venturing too far....

another #modablockheads3 block done, 
this one is designed by Jen Kingwell (another fantastic Aussie designer!)
beautiful rose that has my Mums name Evelyn
breakfast of champions!

crisp Spring mornings, turn into perfect Spring days