Monday, August 1, 2022

not much happening here!

well it's been a little while since my last post and a few things have happened...
that new job finished....wasn't the place for me...
 so on to a new adventure which hopefully starts next week, training starts at the end of this week, 
I'll keep you posted!
As I always say, one door slams shut, another one opens!

this little guy is becoming quite the visitor!
can be hand fed, but only seems to like me, flies off when hubby or daughter come outside.
I'm sure he sits in the trees down the back and watches as I can be in the kitchen and he will land on the railing, will sit there for ages too.
And the magpies get jealous so they come and land on the railing to see what's going on, had 2 kookies and 3 maggies on the weekend, plus another maggie on the ground. 
discovered a Bower bird bower during the week, right outside my bedroom window, 
such pretty birds, but I believe they love fruit and veggies patches!

some lovely fungi found while cutting back the roses last weekend.

we've had some pretty good frosts the last couple of weeks, 
crispy leaves!

and this was the progress on my quilt (from attending my last zoom sewing day with Chookyblue and the girls)
and this is the completed flimsy, on to quilting soon. 
wish AusPost had such pretty stamps, this one from the USA
some baking was done, 
had to do a taste test!

hope you have all managed to do some sewing or other things you like to do...

back soon!

Monday, June 13, 2022

Winter is here!


my orchids are starting to bloom, 
it's wet, cold and I'm staying inside!
my sewing machine is calling!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

one month down and counting!

 first off Happy Mothers Day to all, 
hope you all got spoilt as you should...
we couldn't all be together last weekend as YD had to work (staff shortages still!),
so it was postponed til a later date...
my orchids are starting to bloom, very early but always welcome

started this one after seeing one Chookyblue had done on zoom a couple of weeks ago,
managed to cut the sashing units wrong, but will keep them for another project, 
cut more which are the right size...should always check my maths I guess before cutting!

and this is some of them made into blocks, 
was going to do a table topper but think I will have enough scraps to do a lap sized quilt!
and bought myself 2 new bangles from Be. Bangles over on FB, 
they have some wonderful inscriptions, 
go check them out..
plus they also have a fundraiser at the moment, 
as the lady who started the company passed away recently, 
its in her honour and as we come out of this pandemic and all the other stuff going on, 
it's a reminder to be kind to all you come in contact with in life...

well back to cutting binding and doing other odd stuff as it pops its head up...
and maybe finish off some gardening between the showers today..

Saturday, April 30, 2022

2 weeks in!

Made the huge decision to start a new job 2 weeks...
best decision ever!

Finished off the baby quilt and delivered to its almost new owner 
(who will be here in a few days)
his Mum was very happy with it, as am I.

found these creations in a local park...
and lunch at my favourite lookout on my day off!
made a lemon meringue pie for my MIL

 see you next time!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

back to reality!

well after 4 weeks annual leave and 2 weeks sitting at home waiting to start my new job, 
its finally here!
But first I got to spend a little time at one of my favourite places.. 
almost finished off this cute little quilt, just the binding to go

my plants that were from my sister for my birthday last year have flowers
didn't know they did!
pretty cute

so now I'm back to reality, 
we'll see where it takes me!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

missing in action!

Very photo heavy!!!!
 morning walks were on hold unfortunately...dodgy knee playing up
these beauties bloomed for the first time in my garden...
thank you to friend Carol for them

couldn't work out what was happening to my cherry tomatoes...
found the magpie, must of been watching me pick them, so thought he would too!
purchased this little guy off FB, 
barely 3" high, made by the ladies 95yo Dad!
Amazing workmanship!

my new crepe myrtle bloomed, mislabelled I feel, 
pretty but not the one I wanted, 
now I have to buy another one!

March is holiday month, so we went on a trip to Port Campbell, 
love this tiny town on the Great Ocean Rd, 
never disappoints with the views and sunsets!

that's Port Campbell to the left, and the 12 Apostles start just on the other side of that big bit in the ocean in the middle right of the photo

dinner on our last night there at 12 Rocks!

then we went to visit friends down near Lakes Entrance...
a fellow quilter who definitely leads me astray!
top photo from Twisted Threads at Johnsonville, bottom from Spotlight 
(on special, so how could I not?)

picnic dinner of fish and chips by the sea...

and back to reality!
time to chop, split and bring the Winter wood up, 
our friendly kookas joined us

hopefully it won't be so long between posts!

Sunday, January 30, 2022

where has the month gone?

my tigerlillies are stunning again this year!

we had a little visitor in at work to pick her Mum up...
this is Remi, isn't she cute?

my shoulder has been very sore lately, so off to Rapid Recovery (great local business!) for my very first massage, and while there some cupping to help the muscles...looks like I've been attacked by an octopus!
some beautiful fabrics arrived via FB
the garden has been lovely again even with this hot and humid weather...

and still trying to walk most days before work....

although that has been a challenge with the weather and storms here!
and the bottom part of the yard got another slashing as it was so long again!
this was how I spent Australia Day!

bit dusty in patches (before the storms!)


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Summer is here

we have had some beautiful days...
hot, humid, thunderstorms, rain, sun...
you name it!
The skies in the afternoon have been a delight.

my tomato plants finally have fruit on them

haha! the first crop1
it has got better...
this was the second...
and now I'm getting probably twice or more than these each time 

pretty morning walks...
more sun rays to enjoy!
and my tigerlillies are in bloom again

love this time of year!