Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Summer is here

we have had some beautiful days...
hot, humid, thunderstorms, rain, sun...
you name it!
The skies in the afternoon have been a delight.

my tomato plants finally have fruit on them

haha! the first crop1
it has got better...
this was the second...
and now I'm getting probably twice or more than these each time 

pretty morning walks...
more sun rays to enjoy!
and my tigerlillies are in bloom again

love this time of year!

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Welcome to 2022!


Well the New Year is here...
let's hope that it is bigger and better than 
2021 and 2020,
two years which I'm sure many wish we didn't have...
so here is looking forward to more sewing,
 more catchups, 
good times and great friendships!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Christmas Day

lunch for two...prawn salad

and the table all set and ready to go for dinner...

(haven't made a pavlova in years, pretty pleased with how it turned out)

and lights on the house....

hope you all enjoyed your day with family and friends, 
however you celebrate...
for us, its being together with good food, love and laughter!


Saturday, December 25, 2021

25th December 2021


Merry Christmas!
Hope you are all celebrating in style
(however you do or don't celebrate)

Friday, December 24, 2021

Its almost Christmas!


well the tree is up!
the lights are shining!
the presents are getting wrapped....

the Christmas wall hangings are all up...
the Santa and Angel dolls are out....

the Snowman tribe are all out, 
gathered around the stars

and tomorrows dessert is being prepared...

what are you doing this Christmas Eve?

Sunday, December 5, 2021

having a clean out!!!!


ok the clearance continues!
all these books are up next...
cheap! cheap! cheap!
let me know if anything interests you, 
selling some as singles, some as sets, just ask for prices, 
 they start at $1 for the Virginia Andrews books
and the patterns are just $2 each for the top row
and $5 for the Hatched and Patched one
all brand new, never used...

there will be more!
I still have heaps of magazines to go through, 
all Christmas editions or Christmas in July

Still getting everything organised after the carpet,
its just as big a job putting it all back as packing it up!
Downsizing or culling, call it what you will...I'm over it!

Saturday, November 27, 2021

absence makes the heart grow fonder?

well it has bee quite a while since my last post...
lots of stuff going on!
first some lovely flowers from my garden...

then a almost lost my finger in a chair collapsing mishap...
so no sewing for about 3 weeks...
needed a few of these over the past few weeks!
some more flowers, 
the roses were quite early this year, but unfortunately the rain came also,
so they didn't last
Christmas cactus is out...
this one I repotted last year after a large piece broke off the original plant,
it has gone bonkers on the front verandah..
some early morning walks...
need to really get back to doing these EVERY day!
the back yard has been too wet every time we wanted to get down there, 
a small window of opportunity saw it slashed on Monday afternoon

while that was happening and another reason I have been quiet on here, 
we were preparing for new carpet, 
all the doors had been painted, next up were the architraves, 
so we thought we would do these before the carpet went down to make it easier..
before and afters for the carpet...
so very happy with our choice

the dark colour is the new, the light is the old..
we did it over 2 days as there was a LOT of furniture to move
amazing what you manage to collect over the years!
and I celebrated another year, presents from the fambam!
and finally ... 
we made a quick trip up here,
 after the last lockdown we so needed it
(7 day lockdown turned into 6 weeks!)

 so that's me all caught up!
back to putting the house back together

Friday, October 1, 2021

Huge craft room destash!


4 Four seasons angels...can't remember where or who this pattern belongs to...each stitchery depicts the season, framed in seasonal colours (keep or change) add some sashing you have a lovely seasonal wall hanging, or frame individually for each season, cushions etc lots of ideas, no time to finish...$10 set
unfinished project...

Feathered Christmas trees
left side one, feathery plastic leaves with green pip berries on ends adjustable branches one only $15

right side one, dark green with red pip berries on ends, adjustable branches 4x $10 each or all 4 $30
just add precious or special ornaments or leave out all year

Leftovers from making 21st invites
metallic pens, velcro dots, tacky glue pen, sticky labels, glitter vials, stick on silver dots, craft tags
$20 the lot (RRP $40+)
framed stitcheries:
top row 6" x 8" $15 set
middle row 8"x 8" basket $10 , black frame 9" x9" tea dyed roses circle (original design of mine) $10
side stitchery: legal document frame, slightly larger than A4 $10 (another original by me)
bottom row: 15 1/2" x 12 1/2" Home stitchery...USA designer sorry can't remember who $20

Santa sack (samples from markets0 $20each or all 3 for $50 (largest one is 60x60cm app)
one has name on it EMMA
others without names so you can add your own special persons name

Santa sack pattern (Willow Valley Store) and 3 fronts (started), no other fabric, just the fronts, finish them off to your liking, add embellishments etc $20
unfinished project

4 teddies 2x roughly 4" and the bigger ones are around 10" ...bought these to do baby and wedding bears, and some raffia ribbon leftover from some far distance project... $20 the lot
close up photos of the contents in the below photos....

So if you see something above you want more photos of, 
something you would like to purchase (but not all of the other stuff) let me know, I'll work out a price,
I need to get rid of stuff I'm never going to use!