Thursday, September 7, 2023

Spring has sprung!

My waratahs are starting to bloom...
this one is only about 2 years old..
just starting to open
a couple of weeks later
and now enjoying inside, 
it's she a beauty?
these followed me home from a lovely client who was going away on holidays and didn't want to come back to a bunch of dead flowers...

so I get to enjoy them!
sunsets have been amazing recently!
some mini daffs made their way inside too
my stall at Healesville Hotch Potch is well stocked again.
almost time to start on the Christmas makings!
saw this gorgeous  cross stitch at a clients house, 
did a google search, found one in the US, 
pattern only=expensive with $ convertion...
popped it up on FB I was looking, a friend who is an avid cross stitcher found this kit in NSW, 
joined the page, messenged the lady and hey presto!
my cross stitch kit arrived!

 the weather has just changed again, 
beautiful today 22 degrees, sunny 
this afternoon, temps plummet, rain and wind
looks like another cold and miserable Friday and weekend!
Oh well I have plenty to do!

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Spring is almost here?

fresh squeezed orange juice from my garden!

these are the fabrics I have chosen for my new grandie to arrive in December!

the waratahs are starting to open!
this little guy is a very regular visitor on my back verandah!

always demanding a feed....which he doesn't get often!

 my lunch spot during the week...what a perfect day!

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

who stole July and half of August?


some of the gorgeousness in my garden at the moment, more to come!

placemats for the stall, 

some more cute scissor keeps, scissors included,  

my bargain score of fabric...
$50 for everything in the 2 photos!

lots of coffee dates during the month,
a few more to catch up on too 

some more pretties and a lovely Winter sunset to finish!

Sunday, June 25, 2023

where's June gone?

this was completely unexpected!
and a lovely surprise after a rather C#$P week!

almost finished these...just the binding to finish sewing done, 

 and this is the binding, 
love a spotty binding!

ok off to finish these and organise a birthday dinner!

Sunday, June 18, 2023

where has the month gone?

my orchids are sending out loads of flower stems...
sold a few,
with a few more to go to market soon, 
but lots to keep!
my greeting cards are coming along nicely,
selling a few which is lovely, 
hopefully the warmer months when more peeps are around will be better!
the start of a new item for the stall, 
but these take time, 
but hopefully the scrap bin will be a little less as I go along....
love a pile of trimmings!
my garden is filled with pink nerines at the moment!
thank you Grandma Ellen!

and this one become my new banner, 
love coming home at this time of the day to capture amazing sunsets!

and my lunch spot last week!


Sunday, June 4, 2023

Autumn turns into Winter...

well the season has changed again...
Autumns splendor has turned into Winter greys...

this one was from a clients back verandah, 
where we sit and have a chat and a cuppa...
looking towards Mt St Leonard, 
the mountain way in the distance in the middle of the photo...

these next 2 were taken on the same night, 
this one looking west towards Coldstream, 
(where I have driven from)
the sky was so golden, 
almost magical!

and this one looking east towards Toolangi/Healesville,
the golden had changed to pinks,
so beautiful both of them, 
(only taken a couple of minutes apart, on the same stretch of road)

and this one from just past Pakenham on Saturday on a road trip to Warrigul. 

 I'm doing a Photo a day challenge on FB with some friends and the above photo was the one I used for weather....strange day, grey clouds and sky, patches of sunshine, misty rain...lovely drive!

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Mothers Day and beyond

Decided to buy myself a Mothers Day bouquet...
this is it!

been looking after these 3 while Diva has been in Tasmania on holidays,
one needs daily medication (very easy to give to him thankfully)
one hides in places I can't find him!
and the the 3rd on is always hungry!

some beautiful sunsets in between the rainy overcast days

and today is back to 
I'm off to find something fun to do!

Monday, May 8, 2023

over a month ago!

well I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post!
where has the time gone?

so the last of the holiday snaps sees the huge pile of firewood for this year cut, split and stacked!
thank goodness that job is finished!
3 days of bloody hard work.
Easter has been and gone...
this was the last part of my annual leave

we also finished ALL the mulching!
again another job I wasn't sorry to see the end of!
(I still have a rather large pile of mulch left for topups!)

one of my gorgeous clients gave me figs off her tree,
as they were quite soft I decided on jam

the orchids are starting to send out flower spikes already...
so early!
found another 4 once I started looking

my late Autumn garden has been wonderful, 
last year I divided these bulbs and planted lots of them in several places around the garden, 
they have all bloomed, so I have had heaps of these inside,
plus quite a few that went to clients and friends to enjoy

and this beauty is finished!
well  it is now a flimsy,
time to get some backing and send it off to my friend to work her magic!

lots of new stuff on my stall at Healesville Hotchpotch, 
a fabulous new indoor stall setup, 
so many creative peeps around!

my regular visitor

new addition to the kitchen, 
where have I been hiding? 
love it!

some new ideas for the stall, 
bowl cozies...
(I had very hot pasta for lunch one day, 
trying to balance it, 
thought there must be a better way..hey presto!)

and some new greeting card ideas

and my hubby surprised me with this, 
new rain gauge...
and yes I forgot to empty it after the rain
(that's a few days worth!)

so I think that's me all caught up!
hope you are all staying warm (it's been under 10degrees here today!)
or cool wherever you are!