Saturday, September 19, 2020

some colour in the garden

remember that waratah my DH picked a few days ago, well it's starting to open up nicely
my azaleas are gorgeous this year, they always put on such a good show!
walking past the lavender bushes I couldn't resist all the bees, busy working away
bluebells, I have the traditional blue, pink (more mauve than pink) and white

Dutch Irises are starting to come out, I have these ones and purple (missed a photo of those sorry)

my orange tree is loaded with blossom
the succulent garden is blooming as well,

everything has grown really well, still need more plants and to finish off with some stones and rocks, 

but it's getting there...a work in progress 
Spring brings forth a new duck family, this is the first one I have spotted, 6 cute little fluff balls (yes I know there are only 5 in the photo, one didn't co operate!)
blockheads3...this one almost did me in...Jack and I were great head just wasn't in it, but glad I persisted, very happy with the end result
and some baking...warm blueberry and lemon cake with lemon glaze...just the thing for a lazy afternoon tea and some leftover for lunches the next day
and my normal Irises are putting on a show too...the best since I put them in several years ago

 enjoy the rest of your weekend...

Sunday, September 13, 2020

more Modablocks3 done!


three sizes for the basket collector block...

this one is 8in...
some of my fav fabrics 
and my waratah is blooming (almost!!)
here it is still attached to the bush,
looks like its going to be pink

came home one day and hubby had picked it and bought it inside to enjoy 
and also encourage the bush to bush out!
it's changing colour,
going a deeper and deeper pink 
you wouldn't think it was the same flower

enjoy your day 

I'm off to continue with the blocks!


Monday, September 7, 2020

almost caught up!

a few more blocks have been added to the growing pile...need a lot more 8" ones, so thats what I'm concentrating on for a while, 
with some other sizes thrown in when I see ones I really like

have a attempt the curved version of the above one ..
leave that some when my head is in the right place for curves!

made a second one of these, didn't feel too beachy with the first one
the moon was amazing during the week,
another halo around it
and my garden has a little more colour too

and we celebrated Fathers Day with a lovely dinner from a local place called Matilda Bay
and a new colour for Spring


Saturday, August 29, 2020

on a roll!

lots more Moda Blockheads 3 to add to the growing pile of completed ones
some are hits, 
with a couple of misses (think I will redo them a bit later on)

Spring looks like it isn't far away when the daffs start this one
my one and only rhodie in full bloom...absolutely stunning this year
and more of those completed blocks

some beautiful morning walk photos, before the windy storms hit in the next couple of days
two lovely signature blocks from a swap in the USA via FB
thank you ladies

and finally this cute little fellow was just outside my bedroom window, 
spotted him/her as I was making the bed

well off to finish off dinner before settling down to watch a movie I think


Friday, August 21, 2020

rolling roster updates!

this bundle of loveliness came to live at my house,
the front lot are designs by my gorgeous friends Lisa and Louise of Max and Louis Pattern co
so lucky to be able to call these 2 amazing women friends!
all purchased from L'uccello in Melbourne.
these are the 3 wallhangings all completed that I was working on during the last Zoom party

and I'm finally back into my Moda Blockheads 3 blocks..only about 12 behind!

thursday was YDs birthday and because we are in stage 4 lockdown in our area, we couldn't all be together to celebrate so we did it a little differently...

I made her favourite dinner for her and us (her boyfriend works near me so picked it up on his way home, as they are more than 5 kms from us)

Made some cupcakes as her birthday cake (again some for her and some for us)

connected us all up through FB on a video link and had dinner together!
interesting way to do it, but we got there!

blowing out the birthday candle!
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