Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Curlypops 29/04/1974 - 23/04/2019

 this beautiful inspiring amazing woman left us all behind. 

I first "met" Camille through her blog Curlypops many years ago when I first started blogging.
I loved her quirky take on patterns, colour combinations, her cute little wooden brooches, and loads of other stuff in her online shop. From there I followed her on Instagram and FB. 

Now I never had the pleasure of meeting Camille in real life, but she certainly had an impact anyway, as I know she has to loads of other people.
 She is truly one of THE most inspiring people I've had the pleasure of meeting online, she allowed total strangers into her life, she had a zest for life and living that was amazing.  
Below is a story about Cam posted on FB last week...

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting
“I have just a few weeks to live…
Late last year I had my scheduled blood test, which is something you get checked quite regularly after a transplant. The GP told me I had very abnormal liver function. I asked if I should wait to see my transplant doctors on Monday but the doctor told me that I had to go to the Alfred straight away. I was told that I had tumours in my liver. After more tests I was told I have a type of cancer that is extremely rare and is completely incurable. Only about 30 people a year in Australia would get it…”
“How long did they give you?”
“At first they gave me a year to live but last week I was told that I have just a few weeks to go…”
“Are you scared?”
“I’ve made peace with it. With everything I have been through with my health, my lung transplant… death becomes a part of life. You talk about it with friends and family and it becomes part of normal conversation. So, for me, I’m not scared… I’m not worried, the only thing I am really worried about are the people I will leave behind and my dog, Wally. I’m not worried about me at all.”
“What are the things you still wanted to do?”
“Oh, there are so many things I wanted to do that I don’t get to do now… I really wanted to see my nephews grow up. But I was so lucky that I was able to have my lung transplant… I feel blessed that I had the extra time with everyone that I love. In the last few weeks I just want to spend time with them. I’m knitting a quilt for each of my nephews so they will have something from Aunty Cam and they can just curl up on the couch with it.
I am so grateful for my family and friends over the years. I would have never gotten through everything without my family, especially my siblings and especially my sister Rachel. They all go above and beyond and if it wasn’t for them I would already be in palliative care because I can’t look after myself anymore.
“If you could have one more great Melbourne experience what would it be?”
“I would love to visit the NGV one last time… have a lunch and some wine and just take in all the beautiful art. It is my favourite place.”
“What advice would you give to everyone who reads this?”
“My advice to everyone is to live your best life, don’t spend all day every day at work or even thinking about it. Time is precious. Smile more, travel, have a family, do all those things you want to do because life is so short… You can miss out. Enjoy every single moment you get, you just don’t know when your time will be up…”
Camille, you are one the bravest people I have ever met and one of my all-time favourite Humans. You bring so much joy and colour to this world. Thank you so much for trusting me with your story and for giving me such precious moments with you and your family today. Enjoy every single moment. I love you xoxo

All I can say is rest easy Curlypops, you will be missed and remembered!
Live life to the fullest every day in every way

Monday, April 22, 2019

where does the time fly to?

 beautiful Autumn mornings...every one is different!
 no I haven't retired! but one of my favourite co workers did....
 red nerines are in full bloom and stunning!
 full moon in all its glory over the Easter weekend
 Princess Larissa (aka Larry)
Easter weekend is spent chopping and stacking wood for the Winter,
found a few of these which the kookaburras love....

hope you have all had a wonderful Easter celebrating with family and friends.

Monday, April 15, 2019

the week that was...

 beautiful morning day sunny
 next is foggy!
 some lovelies arrived during the week....
AQC was on this past weekend so I decided to venture into the city on Friday,
so glad I did!
these were just a few that caught my eye...enjoy!

 my haul of goodies from AQC
another day another walk photo!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

quick update

back to work after my break...
we've had a little rain
 done some baking
 mornings are a bit chilly now
 still some lovely blooms in the garden