Sunday, February 23, 2020

the week that was

 finished off block 3 of Moda Blockheads 3
 also did block 2 in 8" size...think I will also do a 6 1/2" and maybe a 4 1/2"...
 repotted up this lovely container that YD gave me for Christmas 2018, 
the plants all grow too big and some weren't coping in there very well, too damn as it doesn't have drainage..and when I took the plants out found that there were no stones in the bottom the keep the water away from the this time there are lots of stones, cacti mix and pretty stones for decoration, we'll see how they go....
 this is the first day of proper sunshine this week....
 this was on Tuesday afternoon, I had to dash home to get keys for Diva, it was pouring...this happened in the 5 minutes from when I drove into the driveway and then was so heavy!
and found this next to my front door when I was moving my planters around...yuck no thanks!
so now I'm off to do some more Moda Blockheads 3!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

what weekend?

 well I started Moda Blockshead 3 a while back and I'm so behind already its just not funny!
I did the small in the first week and have been thinking about doing the 12 1/2" size to on some blocks to see if I like them or not...
well I really like this
 block 2...definitely a challenge at 6 1/2"! almost there, just have to piece the centre...
its all cut ready to do, but by the time I had finished these tiny crowns I had had enough!
 this lovely Valentines Day mug rug landed in my letterbox on Monday...
all the way from Canada...thank you Carol its lovely and a cute wallhanging kit too!
I have always wanted a bright red flowering gum...spotted one at Bunnings over the weekend so it came home with us...can't wait for it to flower next year hopefully!
hope you all got to something you love over the weekend

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Weekend over again!

 one of my gorgeous work collegeaus gave this to me for my birthday last year, and today I found the perfect succulent to pop inside...chain of pearls
 the pug mug was going to be a gift but realised it was chipped!
so I found another succulent to make a "do" for him too...
 potted up some more of these to hopefully sell on FB..
no luck yet but fingers crossed or otherwise I'm off to the market with them
 lesson 7 floral presentation sheaf
that bottom rose just didn't want to sit where it was put!
would you be happy to receive this?
I'm so critical that I find it hard to know if I've done a good job or not...
feedback welcome...positive or negative as I need to know if I'm on the right track
Hope you all enjoyed your weekends!