Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Part 2

sorry it's been a few!@*&^%

Here is part 2 of our Christmas,
we went to my sisters...
had a great day, very relaxed and entertaining!
Watched the cricket,
had a lovely meal,
drank some, ate more, watched the cricket,
opened pressies,
drank more, ate more,
watched more cricket
(big disappointment, get your act together Australia!)
you get it....

My sister had a purchased a chocolate fountain set...
thought the kids (big and little) would enjoy it...

spinning merrily away, fruit being dipped...

until this happened....

a slight malfunction!

yes that's chocolate!!!!
it was very funny...
only took an hour to clean up the mess...

Now on to 2011...

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Years Eve...
and that the new year is all that you wish for and more...

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's over!

Christmas that is...
well one part of it anyway.
Yesterday was spent with DHs family,
great day, good food, a lot of laughs,
a few tears (miss you so much Princess Fiona), and some really sick bon bon jokes!

Sad to say,
my ED had to work yesterday,
so Christmas morning was early for us, so she could go to work...
paper was flung far and wide in the unwrapping stakes,
lots of ohhhhs and ahhhhhs, and aww now I get what that other present was for,
we do some tricky presenting in our house, they don't always make sense until everything is unwrapped! (makes for some excitement and guessamations!)

I finally got to open my SSCS from Barbara...

2 gorgeous pot holders (nice and big) and a beautiful zippered pouch...
check out the most beautiful ribbon roses on it!

and I had also left my 6 item swap parcel to open on Christmas Day,
these are the lovely things sent by Jewells,

thank you so much ladies, it is always a pleasure to be in swaps with like minded people and to receive beautiful handmade know there is so much thought going into each gift.

And finally a huge thank you to the ladies that organise these awesome swaps,
ChookyBlue and Maree...
thank you, thank you, thank you!

cheers Julz

(will post next time what I sent to my swap partner in both swaps)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope Santa brings you what you have wished for.
Have a wonderful day with family and friends, however you celebrate make sure you keep safe and sound.


Monday, December 20, 2010

2 posts in one go!

10% off selected items on
Simple Stitches

(just click on the name...and you're there)

(I have listed quite a few Christmas items at 10% off,
you won't get them for this one,
but keep in mind next's never too early to start!)


A Market at last...

Finally a market without floods, wind, rain or hail!
Saturday was the Twilight Market,
although it did rain as we were going there to set it up,
it didn't actually rain while we were there...

having said that, there weren't as many people there as last year,
I think mainly because it LOOKED like it was going to rain all the time
that put a lot of people off visiting...
(except for about 2 hours when the sun came out and it was steamy!!!!)
and then the mozzies came out too
(they LOVE me! :-/)

anyway, ED and I had a good day, lots of people through, some just to say Hi, others to buy, and still others asking if I would be at other markets next year...

Today I finished nearly all of my Christmas shopping,
some of the presents I've already let the girls have...
no point wrapping stuff they know about!
(still have 3 more pressies to make...don't know when I'll have time...maybe Friday?)

Christmas Day has been all organised between the to my BILs, I just need to do a big salad and a dessert...easy peasy! (that's DHs family)...
and then on the 27th we are off to my sisters for round 2!...another easy one, a dessert and us...
how good is that?

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week leading up to stress, and get to enjoy the day with family and friends.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

been busy!

boy, didn't realise it was quite a few days since my last post...
what have I been up to????
Last Friday (Dec 10) DH and I took ED into the city to see her fav band...
Bon Jovi!

we went to Rod Lavera Arena...
it was sooooo exciting, it's been years since I had been to a concert...
4 hours later we were rocking our way to where we were staying for the night...

If you get the chance, see them, such entertainers!
(sorry didn't take my camera, only my phone and the pics aren't very good)

(Hi Bron!)

and lots of crafting stuff for the final market this Saturday, December 18th 3pm - 8pm,
at the Healesville Racecourse
(see my website for details of how to get there)

come and say Hi if you're in the area...


Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday already!

ok the weekend has disappeared again...
nd we are 2 steps closer to Christmas...eeeeekkkk!
I have started my shopping, but there is still quite a bit to do...

this parcel arrived in my mail box on Friday from Switzerland.....
yipppeee, it's my SSCS...

inside was this pretty star ornie,
and yes the other parcel remains unopened in my sewing room...
cos we haven't got the tree up yet!

Thank you to Barbara,
(if you're reading this, cos I know you do visit, please email me, as you are set as no reply,
I have left a comment on your blog too)

it's funny, I had only recently found Barbara's blog when looking at something that led me somewhere else, then somewhere know how it goes...and found the pretty star ornie, and thought to myself, aren't they cute...and now I have one of my own!)

Now I know that my SSCS parcel has arrived at its destination, but the receiver hasn't worked out who I am yet...
can't show you any photos of the parcel, cos guess who forgot to take one before she posted it!
and if I show you the ornie, it's a giveaway, cos I don't know anyone else that makes these!

I'm going to keep her in suspense for a little longer I think...
give her a little more time to work it out...
this one is a funny one too, as she was a winner of one of my monthly prizes not long ago...
maybe that will help identify me...
meanie aren't I?

Now, these cute parcels are going on their way (tomorrow) to my 6 items swap partner,
I had lots of fun getting these together and hope that she likes them also.
I've been stalking her blog, but she doesn't give too much away!

Market was fun again, very busy with lots of people,
made a few sales, so I'm happy with that...
next Market is the Twilight one on the 18th December,
better get busy making a few more angel ornies...they sold out!

Take care all of you blogging buddies in communities that are struggling with rain and flood waters, maybe the heavens will finally give us a break and some sunshine!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Market update...

I will be at the Healesville Community Market tomorrow,
this is our little market that is held once a month behind the main street shops,
in River St...
and yes sometimes it really is a river hence the name

so hopefully we will have a good day,
I haven't made nearly as much stuff as I would of liked to,
life has just got in the way..

maybe we will see some of you here...if you are drop by and say HI!

cheers Julz

Monday, November 29, 2010

cancelled market

Healesville Racecourse Market due to be held on
December 5th has been
due to

you guessed it!

(3rd time this year!!!!)

(sorry really can't say that out loud!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

healing hearts

are all finished, in the envelope and ready to be posted tomorrow...


Saturday, November 27, 2010

do you have a heart?

As you would all know,
NZ has had another disaster,
this time with 29 miners losing their lives doing their jobs...
my heart goes out to their families.

with that in mind,
can you help?

Shirley in NZ would like as many of us that would like to help,
make a heart block (or several) to send to her,
so that all these blocks can be made into quilts for those families that lost a loved one.

Go here to check out the details...

here's my first one to get you inspired!
it took 10 minutes...
that's 10 minutes to help someone heal their heart a little bit.



where has the week gone to?
this week like all the rest this year have just flown by...
I managed to finish this and get it posted before the due date
(yes one day before does count as before!)

sorry I forgot to take a pic of the parcel all wrapped and ready to go...
but it's winging it's way to...................
somewhere just across the Tasman, so shouldn't take long to get there hopefully.

Thursday night was a BIG night...ED graduated from High School...Year 12 done and dusted!

all dressed and ready to go!

and then on Friday, this little car has come to join our family for ED
(when she gets her license!)

now it's time to finish off the 6 items swap that Maree is hosting,
I've already received mine from my partner,
but I don't know who it is and have no blog address for her..
so if you are her, please let me know who you are....

I haven't opened my parcel yet...
I'm trying to be good and save it for Christmas Day along with my other presents I hope to get....

back to the sewing...
have a wonderful day doing whatever...
and if you live in Victoria

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cross Stitch Saturday! part 2

Chookyblue has organised Part 2 of Cross Stitch Sampler weekend,

this one hangs in the entry hall,
it was supposed to be half the size (done over one thread, I cheated and did it over 2)

and this one hangs in my bedroom over the tall boy mirror.

I love this one, it was a real challenge with the different greens, I think from memory there are about 6 different shades for the leaves and berries, and varying hues of brown, that look almost green! Almost sent me barmy, but very glad I finished it.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Please go and check out this beautiful quilt put together from blocks donated by quilters around the world.

Lizzie put out a request not long ago for some blocks from quilters, for her friend Sue who is quite ill.
Well I think from watching Lizzies blog, she got way more blocks than she thought she would receive...
(I sent 6-7 blocks that were just sitting in my UFO basket)...
Lizzie managed to bring all these blocks together into one amazing quilt for her friend...

I want to thank Lizzie for using one of my small blocks in this amazing quilt...
and also the blog that I found it on to follow, after all if we didn't read anyone's blog we would never know about things like this

I know that she has sent the rest of the blocks to another lady in NZ to make charity quilts...
so no ones blocks will go unused or unloved....

Quilters are THE BEST.
and I hope that we all have a friend like Lizzie!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cross Stitch Saturday!

This is my little contribution!

I haven't done any cross stitch for years

(since I found stitcheries..they are much quicker to do)

most of mine were given away as presents and I only have 4 left now...

this one is my favourite....

These are all the girls that are participating in Chookyblue's Cross Stitch display this weekend...go check them all out...



























I'll post another one tomorrow...

cheers Julz

Friday, November 12, 2010


I've had a wonderful day today!
the sun is shining (along with the clouds and the wind!),
I've just come back from seeing Theodora Cleave aka Barb Smith at Stitch 'n' Patch in Lilydale.
I took Robyn along for the ride when I ran into her as I was about to leave,
so we had a good old chin wag on the quick journey down...
spent almost an hour down there chatting to Barb...

(what an inspirational, kind and generally lovely lady!)

I purchased a bird brooch and the pears and just as we were about to leave,
Barb gave me the brooch on the right...

how lucky am I?

Thank you Barb,
each time I meet you, you inspire me more.
Your designs are just gorgeous!
I wish I could purchase them all.

(forgot the camera, so you will just have to believe me that it was just lovely...all those buttons to touch and feel and admire, all the little button stories Barb has stitched, and some very interesting ways of using her buttons on boxes, stockings, trees...endless ways!)

And this gorgeous girl arrived from this lovely lady today for YD!

Lida very kindly made one for YD, as she liked the one sent to me in our recent swap.
Here they are together...

Fanny and Fritz.

(didn't realise until I popped these photos up, they look like they are in a pond)

Looks like there is more rain on the way this weekend...
wish we could get some nice sunny days on the weekend instead!
so it's about time to get my SSCS parcel finished cos posting time is almost here...

I've been stalking my partner and hope that what I have made will fit into her home...
I think it will, cos she is a bit like me in taste...
off to stitch, err make!!!!
have a good weekend...
come back tomorrow as I'm posting some of my cross stitches along with Chookyblue and quite a few others!
should be fun

cheers Julz

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Sunday

on a spur of the moment decision on Saturday afternoon, I ended up doing this today...
I had a little stall at the River St Market in Healesville.
This is our local community market, one that I had visited often as a buyer,
today I was a seller.
The weather forecast was OK, fine day but windy in the morning...
no kidding! almost turned around and went home,
but after about an hour or so, the wind dropped and the sun was shining
(guess who got sunburnt on the back, cos she couldn't reach with the sunscreen?)
(and the getting up at 5.30 AM on Sunday has bells on it!)

Anyway, had a really lovely day, loads of visits who still thought the other market was on, and were very disappointed that it wasn't. But glad they made their way to this one...

Thank you to everyone who purchased something and to those who stopped for a chat.

Now I really must get a wriggle on with the crafting for next month.
I've decided if I can't get a stall at the Racecourse Market, our little community market is a great place to have one instead!

keep you posted where I will be later in the month.

hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

new stuff

forgot to show you these newbies...
first off some charm squares...
Panache and Astor Manor
and a honey bun...Simple Abundance...


these arrived a couple of weeks ago and I have just been admiring them...
yummy batiks, some pansies (lots of table runners there I think),
and luminere de noel charms (x2) and a little bit of yardage

Oh and the book....
Lunch Bags...
need to sit and have a good luck through this one...
my girls are always after a nice bag to hold their maybe they will get one!


cancelled market

Healesville Racecourse Market
Sunday 7th November


Due to this...
yes flooded out again...
twice in three months...

yes I know we need the rain!
but I need to sell some stuff too.... fairy!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

more Friends Swap

this is what I sent to Lida in the Friends Swap hosted by Khris,

F = furry friends chocolate and fabric

R = Ric Rac (red and cream with little brown ball thingys on it)

I = Indigo coloured bag or inspiration

E = embroidery threads (cottage garden threads)

N = notepad and needlecase (to match the bag)

D = doiley (I call these candle mats also)

S = stitchery kit and stitchery pattern

This is a really lovely swap to be involved partner was fantastic! and still is...
I think we both had fun stalking each others blog for details...
Lida is a really lovely lady and thanks for being a wonderful swap partner,
and to Khris thanks for hosting a swap that was so much fun to be in!

Monday, October 25, 2010

scraps blocks

short and sweet today...

did these scraps blocks to make into more coffee table runners
(very popular at the last market, sold out!)

and also finished off those gingers, candy canes and stars from here.

cheers Julz

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friends Swap

today the postie was very kind to me...
he delivered my fabric from the USA (which I'll show you in another post)
my friends swap parcel from Lida.

(warning this post is long and picture heavy!)

inside the box were these beautifully wrapped very colourful parcels,
7 in total....

yes I did open each one starting with the F,
here they all are laid out...

F was for Frits Frog...isn't he just too cute?
he came complete with his own personal passport....
should of taken a pic of that! derr

these ones were S for sunnies case for Spring and I for inspiration....

N was next...this beautiful blue bottle is actually an antique needle case
(for want of the proper word),
it's only about 2 3/4" tall and inside is.....

a thimble, and on the mouse stick you could possibly wrap some cotton and just under the mouse there are a couple of holes to hold your needles...
apparently from Lida's letter, the real one is in a London museum
(I'm going to google it later)

I just love everything in this box...
thank you to Lida for being a wonderful partner
and I hope that you enjoy your parcel once it arrives...
and thank you to Khris for organising this swap, she did a great job of matching up people...
I could not of asked or found a better one for myself....

Swaps are so much fun if everyone does the right thing and keep in contact with each other...
Lida and I had so much fun emailing each other and stalking each others blog to find out details...
and I think (well I know from Lidas parcel, I love what I received!) and I'm pretty sure that another online friendship has been started here.


YD managed to steal all of the letters of the parcels (after they were opened) for her scrapbooking...she was very excited...and she almost got Frits too! but I managed to keep him for myself...cheeky devil she is.

some different things

Christmas is on my mind,
so I've been playing (when I get time!),
with some of these....

I think they need to be a little darker, but think they look cute.
this one is only tea dyed...I think I need to break out the parisence?

Going to try some in different fabric on the weekend, again if I get time....
seems that the days and weeks are just melting into one another...the months are just flashing by....and that big guy in the red suit will be here way tooooooo soon!


Monday, October 18, 2010

this weekend...

these went jetting off to Holland!
keep an eye out Lida...they will be there soon....

and only managed to turn these out and stuff them...
oh well....just a bit more to do this week, instead of creating some more new things!

off to work again!!!!
(boy that Tatts fairy isn't doing her/his job too well....)

back to the grind!


Friday, October 15, 2010

TCCT out now...

The latest addition of The Chocolate Crow Trader online mag is out now!

there are some lovely items available from the girls this month....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

almost done....

I'm almost finished making all of my items for the Friends Swap...
sorry no peeks cos I know that Lida visits...
so everyone will just have to wait!

I've got 2 more swaps to go for this year...
Chookyblue's Christmas Swap and
6 items for Christmas Swap...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Market News...

Sunday was market day for ED and myself,
up early (extra early cos daylight savings started) big yawns all around!
an absolutely glorious day greeted us, warm weather, very slight breeze at times, loads of people all eager to see new things at the market....

my new cake stand worked a treat for the pumpkins, apples and small pincushions ....
and these guys below were very popular!

Hi Bron, thanks for dropping by, it's always a pleasure to see you!

Last week on our way to Mansfield for a few days with family, we went thru Bonnie Doon...
and there is lots of water under the bridge...we had heard that Lake Eildon had finally started to get some serious water in it, after many years of not having water in this arm of the lake, or at least not under the bridge!

For the last few years this area had become a motorbike track with a tiny little trickle of water running under the bridge.
So it is lovely to see water here again.

and when we came back there was even a bit the snow had started to melt on the nearby mountains....


PS thanks to all those lovely ladies that have made purchases from Simple Stitches lately...I really appreciate your business.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


decided to make some headbands,
Googled "headband tutorials" and found some good and not so good ones.....

you can find the tuts I used
and here!

I made some small changes as I went....
and the girls were almost wearing them before they were finished!

Think I might make a few for the market....and see how they go.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

some gardening....

this weekend the weather has been glorious!
yesterday for the Grand Final...sunny patches, bit of light rain in the evening...
what a Final...a draw! now we have to wait another week to see who wins....

Go Saints!

Spent a little time in the garden today...
my magnolia is in full bloom and looks gorgeous!

and managed to finish these little guys for the market next weekend...

now I'm off to finish dinner...
hopefully to draw up some stitcheries I need to stitch...

even started on my Friends Swap peeks!


PS I'm on holidays for 2 whole weeks...loads of stuff planned...back into the garden tomorrow, and I'm not letting DH anywhere near it again with a saw or secatuers!!!! when he trims, he trims.....down to the ground almost in some cases! poor plants....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can you help?

A lovely lady by the name of Lizzie is organising this quilt for her friend Sue,
go to Lizzie's blog to read the story...have a box of tissues'll need them,

anyway in a nutshell, Lizzie's friend has a terrible terminal illness and Lizzie would like to make her a quilt for the last part of her journey,
if you feel that you can help with this, please check out this post on Lizzie's blog...


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last Night....

we had vampire brides....

and witches and clowns...

gypses, backward clothed person and 70s rock chicks
invade the house for a party!


Monday, September 13, 2010

More New Things

Made these cute little guys this afternoon,
I think there will be some more of these,
not as many as the pumpkin/apples....29 I'm told by a little fairy!

quick and easy...found the pattern on the web (can't remember who sorry!)

they are only about 4 1/2"tall, great bowl fillers.....

and this gorgeous little teapot I found in the op shop when I was looking for something else,
they actually had 3 of them, 2 like this one and another with a longer spout...
if they are there next time, they might just be coming home with me!!!!