Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Part 2

sorry it's been a few!@*&^%

Here is part 2 of our Christmas,
we went to my sisters...
had a great day, very relaxed and entertaining!
Watched the cricket,
had a lovely meal,
drank some, ate more, watched the cricket,
opened pressies,
drank more, ate more,
watched more cricket
(big disappointment, get your act together Australia!)
you get it....

My sister had a purchased a chocolate fountain set...
thought the kids (big and little) would enjoy it...

spinning merrily away, fruit being dipped...

until this happened....

a slight malfunction!

yes that's chocolate!!!!
it was very funny...
only took an hour to clean up the mess...

Now on to 2011...

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Years Eve...
and that the new year is all that you wish for and more...

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's over!

Christmas that is...
well one part of it anyway.
Yesterday was spent with DHs family,
great day, good food, a lot of laughs,
a few tears (miss you so much Princess Fiona), and some really sick bon bon jokes!

Sad to say,
my ED had to work yesterday,
so Christmas morning was early for us, so she could go to work...
paper was flung far and wide in the unwrapping stakes,
lots of ohhhhs and ahhhhhs, and aww now I get what that other present was for,
we do some tricky presenting in our house, they don't always make sense until everything is unwrapped! (makes for some excitement and guessamations!)

I finally got to open my SSCS from Barbara...

2 gorgeous pot holders (nice and big) and a beautiful zippered pouch...
check out the most beautiful ribbon roses on it!

and I had also left my 6 item swap parcel to open on Christmas Day,
these are the lovely things sent by Jewells,

thank you so much ladies, it is always a pleasure to be in swaps with like minded people and to receive beautiful handmade know there is so much thought going into each gift.

And finally a huge thank you to the ladies that organise these awesome swaps,
ChookyBlue and Maree...
thank you, thank you, thank you!

cheers Julz

(will post next time what I sent to my swap partner in both swaps)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope Santa brings you what you have wished for.
Have a wonderful day with family and friends, however you celebrate make sure you keep safe and sound.


Monday, December 20, 2010

2 posts in one go!

10% off selected items on
Simple Stitches

(just click on the name...and you're there)

(I have listed quite a few Christmas items at 10% off,
you won't get them for this one,
but keep in mind next's never too early to start!)


A Market at last...

Finally a market without floods, wind, rain or hail!
Saturday was the Twilight Market,
although it did rain as we were going there to set it up,
it didn't actually rain while we were there...

having said that, there weren't as many people there as last year,
I think mainly because it LOOKED like it was going to rain all the time
that put a lot of people off visiting...
(except for about 2 hours when the sun came out and it was steamy!!!!)
and then the mozzies came out too
(they LOVE me! :-/)

anyway, ED and I had a good day, lots of people through, some just to say Hi, others to buy, and still others asking if I would be at other markets next year...

Today I finished nearly all of my Christmas shopping,
some of the presents I've already let the girls have...
no point wrapping stuff they know about!
(still have 3 more pressies to make...don't know when I'll have time...maybe Friday?)

Christmas Day has been all organised between the to my BILs, I just need to do a big salad and a dessert...easy peasy! (that's DHs family)...
and then on the 27th we are off to my sisters for round 2!...another easy one, a dessert and us...
how good is that?

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week leading up to stress, and get to enjoy the day with family and friends.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

been busy!

boy, didn't realise it was quite a few days since my last post...
what have I been up to????
Last Friday (Dec 10) DH and I took ED into the city to see her fav band...
Bon Jovi!

we went to Rod Lavera Arena...
it was sooooo exciting, it's been years since I had been to a concert...
4 hours later we were rocking our way to where we were staying for the night...

If you get the chance, see them, such entertainers!
(sorry didn't take my camera, only my phone and the pics aren't very good)

(Hi Bron!)

and lots of crafting stuff for the final market this Saturday, December 18th 3pm - 8pm,
at the Healesville Racecourse
(see my website for details of how to get there)

come and say Hi if you're in the area...


Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday already!

ok the weekend has disappeared again...
nd we are 2 steps closer to Christmas...eeeeekkkk!
I have started my shopping, but there is still quite a bit to do...

this parcel arrived in my mail box on Friday from Switzerland.....
yipppeee, it's my SSCS...

inside was this pretty star ornie,
and yes the other parcel remains unopened in my sewing room...
cos we haven't got the tree up yet!

Thank you to Barbara,
(if you're reading this, cos I know you do visit, please email me, as you are set as no reply,
I have left a comment on your blog too)

it's funny, I had only recently found Barbara's blog when looking at something that led me somewhere else, then somewhere know how it goes...and found the pretty star ornie, and thought to myself, aren't they cute...and now I have one of my own!)

Now I know that my SSCS parcel has arrived at its destination, but the receiver hasn't worked out who I am yet...
can't show you any photos of the parcel, cos guess who forgot to take one before she posted it!
and if I show you the ornie, it's a giveaway, cos I don't know anyone else that makes these!

I'm going to keep her in suspense for a little longer I think...
give her a little more time to work it out...
this one is a funny one too, as she was a winner of one of my monthly prizes not long ago...
maybe that will help identify me...
meanie aren't I?

Now, these cute parcels are going on their way (tomorrow) to my 6 items swap partner,
I had lots of fun getting these together and hope that she likes them also.
I've been stalking her blog, but she doesn't give too much away!

Market was fun again, very busy with lots of people,
made a few sales, so I'm happy with that...
next Market is the Twilight one on the 18th December,
better get busy making a few more angel ornies...they sold out!

Take care all of you blogging buddies in communities that are struggling with rain and flood waters, maybe the heavens will finally give us a break and some sunshine!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Market update...

I will be at the Healesville Community Market tomorrow,
this is our little market that is held once a month behind the main street shops,
in River St...
and yes sometimes it really is a river hence the name

so hopefully we will have a good day,
I haven't made nearly as much stuff as I would of liked to,
life has just got in the way..

maybe we will see some of you here...if you are drop by and say HI!

cheers Julz