Friday, March 17, 2023

plodding along!

 that pile of mulch in the previous post is slowly being used up!
2 garden beds done so far...(big garden beds!)

its also this time of year again!
the garden is still producing some beautiful blooms
the crepe myrtles are looking amazing!

and progress is being made on the sewalong from Ellie's Place,
that border was a bit of a challenge, 
but one step at a time, it's easy
did the stars as I needed a break from challenging stuff
and went back and filled in the applique step/triangles, 
and addd the circles to the stars, 
but haven't sewn them on yet, 
still checking colour placement..
more holiday sewing to come,
more mulching, 
new stuff to make for the shop where I sell stuff, 
some new ideas coming...
well back to it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2023


 this huge pile of mulch was delivered last week, 
its a job for my holidays coming up!
looked after these 3 cheeky animals while Diva was away for an extended weekend trip,

Jack (didn't see him for 3 days!)
Larry (Diva Princess!)
just feed me....
(total scaredy cat until he realised I was there to help him...meds for heart condition)

then he was a total snuggle bug!!!!
hubby and I revamped our old park bench with a paint job and new timbers, 
looks a million $$$ now!
bought some Tiger Lillies inside
a little bit of rain and out come the Bella Donnas!
the white are so pretty
and started something new..
Ellie's Place is hosting this, each week a new part comes out
this is where I'm up to...
only behind 3 parts!

fabrics at the side are for the next border after I finish appliqueing those blue flowers and leaves...

Sunday, January 15, 2023

catch up time!

Well Christmas is done and dusted for another year!
Ours ended up being very quiet, 
as somebody (not me) tested positive on Boxing Day!
so that put an end to everything...for 2 weeks!

On a more positive note, 
this came from one of my beautiful clients...
with my favourite little bird

Christmas lunch courtesy of my youngest and her fiance, 

totally delicious!

all I made was the pavlova!

went on a little online shopping spree

got time to do some of this

changed up the stock I have at Healesville Hotchpotch

and planning a few new lines in the coming weeks, 
stay tuned!