Monday, May 25, 2020

making a special quilt

 step 1
4 1/2" squares sewn together into triangles
step 2 cut all those triangles apart!
 step 3
press all those triangles open!
trim to 4" blocks
 step 4
sew pairs of triangles together
step 5 
sew pairs of triangles into hourglass blocks
 step 6
cut hourglass blocks into strips and flip pieces around to create stars
Disappearing hourglass block turns into 6 1/2" star blocks...
stay tuned for the next step
all those blocks needed to be trimmed, this was just one little pile of trimmings
there were lots of others!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Winter chills coming...

 on my walk this morning, one of the little creeks in flood (subsiding now)
 and looking upstream

 love the trees along this building in Autumn
 bit of a play in the potting section of the garden
 this rose was a little frosty this morning
and this little cutie turns 25 today!
Happy birthday Diva

hope  you are enjoying your Autumn garden too