Saturday, May 8, 2021

its been a month!

wow...sorry didn't realise I hadn't posted for a month...
where did that time go?
well I have been busy in the sewing department...
2 baby quilts on the go for surprises, lucky they don't read this blog!
the garden has turned on a last minute Autumn show, 
with beautiful colours and plants flowering with amazing blooms
and a birthday celebration

these are a few of the blocks

pretty flowers on the zygos
new plant in the bathroom
got this glass pot for Christmas and finally potted it up
some of the garden

the outside lights needed a touch up...

took me longer to do the masking than the painting

they look great cost $30 approximately (6 new lights would of cost a lot more!)
beautiful morning walks
Autumn colours

treated myself to lunch one day
new coral coloured zygo from the monthly market the pot for Christmas from a friend, found this super cute succulent for it!
more progress
a thank you from Diva
last blooms from the garden 

Diva turned 26 (where did that time go to?)


Sunday, April 11, 2021

on a roll!

these beautiful flowers came inside 
progress is being made in the animal kingdom!
2 owls 
another bunny to join the previous one and the 4 foxes from last time

and there seems to be lots of fungi posts happening so here's mine!

well back to sewing...
it's freezing here today between 9 and 12 degrees! 
Winter has hit and its only Autumn!


Monday, April 5, 2021

finally a sewing day!

so I have a few things I would like to make and have been on my to do list for quite some time, 
first cab off the rank is a Fancy Forest quilt by Elizabeth Hartman...
my girls gave me the pattern a long time ago for my birthday, 
so I have delved into the scraps and stash and this is my effort for today.
The blocks are so easy to follow with a great cutting guide for each block, 
the foxes go together super quickly
and the rabbit wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be

here they are all together
I'm doing different backgrounds and will use the same colour sashing when finishing off I think, 
long way to go yet.


Saturday, April 3, 2021

missing in action

 didn't realise it was almost 2 months since my last post,

very slack of me!

(sorry about the blurry photo, Jack doesn't know how to sit still!)
looked after these 2 for a couple of days towards the end of Feb when my daughter went away...
decided I needed cheering up one week, so red nails it was!
and then I started my annual leave!
Headed off to visit some friends down towards Lakes Entrance, 
spent a lovely few days relaxing and doing the tourist things
then we came home and packed this up and headed up to Myrtleford for a few days....
then across to Cobram to meet up with some lovely people we had met last year and did some more touristy things like visiting this amazing place!

these flowers were huge, bigger than my hand!

picnic down on the Murray one day and looking up this little guy was right above us!
back home for a couple of days before heading off to my other most favourite spot (my sisters)
and then it was back home with the vegie haul
and time to make them into pickles!
finally spent some of the money and gift vouchers my girls have given me over the last couple of years, been looking for one of these and this one came home with me.
and the last couple of weeks spent at home has included moving these to chop into blocks (at back of photo) and then split, take up the front to the woodpile and stack!
At least we will be toasty warm in Winter!

and yes my poor thumb was a casuality again this year, plus a managed to get a big bruise of both shins and my left wrist in 3 places ( and yes it hurt, yes I did cry and yes I did swear!)

so if you managed to get through all that, 
I wish you all a very Happy Easter and hope that you are doing whatever makes you happy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

for sale

 these 2 wall hangings are for sale.

I did a commission for a friend last year, used red hearts but she changed her mind and wanted pink, so I ended up with these 2 left over. 

$40 each includes postage in Australia 

(OS I would need to see which country and how much and do a percentage of )

Approximate sizes are 32cm x 41.5cm and the other one is 35.5cm x 42.5cm 
My own original design....pattern available in my Etsy shop or via my FB page (links on sidebar)

Monday, February 8, 2021

12 months in the making!

well 12 months ago (actually 13, 56 weeks)
I started modablocksheads3 with thousands of others across the world, 
this past weekend I have it all together...
enjoy some progress shots across the weekend
feeling it was going to be too busy (no sashings in this baby!)
but I perserved with it
sorry turn your head to the side its an onpoint layout (forgot that bit when I took the photo)
that's better...
that's the centre and first border completed ( mid Sunday afternoon)
still a lot of sewing to go!

are you ready for the big reveal???

ta da!!!!

and I only had to fudge one side border that was about 1/2" short!
and I'm not telling which one either!
Picked up a lovely fabric for the backing while I was out and about on Friday, 
now to do the backing, I'm going to incorporate the leftover blocks from the front into the back (I think), will have a play and see how it looks before doing any cutting or sewing on that...

So after 56 weeks, I now need to find another long term project...
there are a few I have in mind, but you will have to wait and see!

And some garden spam to end with...
even weeds can look stunning!