Saturday, November 27, 2021

absence makes the heart grow fonder?

well it has bee quite a while since my last post...
lots of stuff going on!
first some lovely flowers from my garden...

then a almost lost my finger in a chair collapsing mishap...
so no sewing for about 3 weeks...
needed a few of these over the past few weeks!
some more flowers, 
the roses were quite early this year, but unfortunately the rain came also,
so they didn't last
Christmas cactus is out...
this one I repotted last year after a large piece broke off the original plant,
it has gone bonkers on the front verandah..
some early morning walks...
need to really get back to doing these EVERY day!
the back yard has been too wet every time we wanted to get down there, 
a small window of opportunity saw it slashed on Monday afternoon

while that was happening and another reason I have been quiet on here, 
we were preparing for new carpet, 
all the doors had been painted, next up were the architraves, 
so we thought we would do these before the carpet went down to make it easier..
before and afters for the carpet...
so very happy with our choice

the dark colour is the new, the light is the old..
we did it over 2 days as there was a LOT of furniture to move
amazing what you manage to collect over the years!
and I celebrated another year, presents from the fambam!
and finally ... 
we made a quick trip up here,
 after the last lockdown we so needed it
(7 day lockdown turned into 6 weeks!)

 so that's me all caught up!
back to putting the house back together


Maria said...

Nice to see you pop up again… oh that finger does look nasty. Hope it’s all healed….
Beautiful blooms and it’s a big job doing all the painting of doors and arcs.

Chookyblue...... said...

Goodluck with the finger.... Need to do the carpet thing next month..... OMG not looking forward to it

jude's page said...

Sorry about your finger, hope you are soon back to stitching. You will be happy to finish with all the painting and reflooring, great job done. Love that lilac rose, so pretty and my Christmas cactus is flowering now too.

kiwikid said...

I hope your finger has healed up, that looks bad and sore! My Christmas cactus is not flowering yet, fingers crossed it does. Such a big job getting the carpet replaced. Happy birthday, you received lovely presents. The weather has not made grass cutting easy.

dq said...

You have been so busy. New carpet and fresh paint will feel so wonderful!