Friday, October 1, 2021

Huge craft room destash!


4 Four seasons angels...can't remember where or who this pattern belongs to...each stitchery depicts the season, framed in seasonal colours (keep or change) add some sashing you have a lovely seasonal wall hanging, or frame individually for each season, cushions etc lots of ideas, no time to finish...$10 set
unfinished project...

Feathered Christmas trees
left side one, feathery plastic leaves with green pip berries on ends adjustable branches one only $15

right side one, dark green with red pip berries on ends, adjustable branches 4x $10 each or all 4 $30
just add precious or special ornaments or leave out all year

Leftovers from making 21st invites
metallic pens, velcro dots, tacky glue pen, sticky labels, glitter vials, stick on silver dots, craft tags
$20 the lot (RRP $40+)
framed stitcheries:
top row 6" x 8" $15 set
middle row 8"x 8" basket $10 , black frame 9" x9" tea dyed roses circle (original design of mine) $10
side stitchery: legal document frame, slightly larger than A4 $10 (another original by me)
bottom row: 15 1/2" x 12 1/2" Home stitchery...USA designer sorry can't remember who $20

Santa sack (samples from markets0 $20each or all 3 for $50 (largest one is 60x60cm app)
one has name on it EMMA
others without names so you can add your own special persons name

Santa sack pattern (Willow Valley Store) and 3 fronts (started), no other fabric, just the fronts, finish them off to your liking, add embellishments etc $20
unfinished project

4 teddies 2x roughly 4" and the bigger ones are around 10" ...bought these to do baby and wedding bears, and some raffia ribbon leftover from some far distance project... $20 the lot
close up photos of the contents in the below photos....

So if you see something above you want more photos of, 
something you would like to purchase (but not all of the other stuff) let me know, I'll work out a price,
I need to get rid of stuff I'm never going to use!