Thursday, December 31, 2009

To All...

Wishing everyone a very

Happy New Year!

I hope that 2010 brings to you

(in lots of ways including wonderful online friends...)

So however you spend this New Years Eve...
stay safe,
enjoy the time with family and friends,
and hope to "see" all of you in 2010.....

cheers Julz

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day...

time to relax after the thrill yesterday of Christmas!

we had 12 for lunch....way too much food as usual.....

loads of pressies for everyone
(I think I even managed to get what they all wanted this year)

albeit with a couple of hiccups!!!

DVDs with no discs in the cover......
what do these store people do when they go out the back to get them??????

Tops that are about 3 sizes too big....
exchange time
(not today though....don't do the Boxing Day Sale thingy)
I think the shops are open enough (too much), leading up to Christmas and should not be open today!!!

And the reason for this post.....

this is my beautiful present from Carin in the SSCS hosted by Chookyblue.

I have been itching to open this parcel, but was very good and waited...
so glad I did!

I absolutely LOVE these placemats and runner...just my colours too.
The pattern will come in handy cute.

and this is the cute ornie too.

to Elf Donna aka Chookyblue for organising this awesome swap that so many people have participated in....I'm sure that there are happy people all over the world opening (or have opened) some very special presents....

This week I have received so many lovely gifties.....I thank each and everyone of you who have sent something to me, I feel very blessed to have such lovely online friends and wish I could meet all of you in person......

that's it for now....
I'm off to finish watching the Boxing Day Test (cricket)
A Boxing Day tradition in this house....

take care
and have a wonderful rest of the festive season.

2010 will be here ever so soon!!!!!!

Are you ready?


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

have a wonderful day of present opening, good food, family and friends.

Keep safe and make sure that you give all your loved ones an extra hug and tell me that you love them!



Today when I arrived home after braving the local supermarket for those last minute things I needed...tomorrow I'm at work all day so won't have time
I was greeted by my 3 lovely kids,
"Mum there's a parcel for you."
"Can I open it?" from no 2 and 3,
"No, I will, when I work out who its from."

Hmmmm....customs declaration says Sweden....I wonder?????

inside the box are 6 beautifully wrapped gifts and a letter....

it's from my Secret Stitchers Angel!
After reading her letter I now understand what took so long...
she has major probs with elbow, wrist and hands....
Upon opening each parcel starting with the smallest one,
I was totally speechless....

Inside the parcel was a beautifully crocheted table topper (in colours that I LOVE!), a pincushion,a hand knitted wool beret
(which MD has claimed, and is wearing, mind you it's only 35degreesC here today),
chocolate, a jelly roll of co ordinated fabrics (yum), a journal and a cookbook featuring Swedish cakes and cookies!


if you are reading this please email me so that I can thank you properly or leave a comment with your blog addy.
I feel very spoilt.

And in November I joined the HoneyPot Ornie Swap,
Rebecca was my swap partner,
here is what she sent me...

a crocheted stocking (very cute), a crazy patch heart (also very cute) and a lovely handmade card.


take a look at Rebecca's blog as I can't find the pic of the ornie I sent!

So once again I have received wonderful gifts from people across the other side of the world,
I love the blogging world, it's a wonderful place to make and keep new friends.
Thank you to the organisers of these swaps, without you guys they wouldn't happen....

cheers Julz

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

graduation night....

So that's it....after 12 years I no longer need to go to the primary school!
No more struggling for a car park that isn't a mile or more from the gate....
(and up hill walk (hike))

no more having to worry about stupid drivers not watching what they are doing
(yes in a school zone....I'm sure there are loads of stories out there about dumb driving around schools....not to mention some of the way people park!)

no more...hurry up.....
no more....going through the drive thru
(or drop and roll as we call it)

Here is YD looking lovely in her dress at home before the big night....

I think a great time was had by all of the graduating classes.

take care

Sunday, December 20, 2009

my weekend....

boy, has this week and weekend been busy!
The week wizzed by with work, work and more work....
and going out nearly every night for one thing or another....

Tuesday night saw us at the High School Presentation Night, where our ED was presented with an award for her contribution to the calender that the students do each year.

They organise the whole thing, together with local business owners and the Rotary Club, having a budget to stick to, they canvas local businesses for advertising space on the calender, go out and get photos of interesting local features, hold a photo competition to get more photos, select winners, select photos for calender, do all the artwork, send off to printer for printing and finally get local businesses to help sell the calenders as well as holding stalls to sell some themselves.

Calenders this year sold out in 2 weeks!

These year 11 students do a fabulous job and there is usually a profit that they divide up, this giving back to the school for some much needed books in the library, some to the local Rotary Club (that also has a lot to do with the input to the calender) and their selected charity for the year, and finally several small cash scholarships to help students with their final year at school.

(OK blogger is being a pain in the butt!!!!and will not let me put the pics where I want them....)

Thursday night saw YD at her grade 6 Graduation Night...
she looked so gorgeous in her dress (yes very proud mum here!)

Saturday afternoon saw me off to the Healesville Racecourse Market (twilight one),
very busy with loads of sales....thanks to everyone that did.
sorry no pics, as the stall set up was pretty much that same as previous

Today I'm having a bit of a veg day!!! Woke up with a slight headache that just won't go away, so I'm just taking it very easy...

Tomorrow off to work again, same Tuesday, plus dinner out with the girls, Wednesday will be busy preparing for Friday, Thursday work again, and we all know what's happening on Friday!!!!

(I will try and get the photos where they are supposed to be later, and will add some more of the graduation too)

take care Julz

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Very interesting situation....

Just having had a visit to Chookyblues blog and came across went here to read what was written....

Certainly makes you think before you hit that publish button! I also came across something similiar here....

Gets me to thinking that no one takes anything at face value anymore and that our public and private lives are very connected together even if we wish to keep them separate.

And that you never know who is friend or foe!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Here!

This was waiting for me last night when I got home from work....
It's my SSCS parcel all the way from the USA.

Thank you to my Secret Santa Swap Sister.
The ornie is just beautiful.

My YD was all ready to rip into the big parcel as soon as I had it out of the bag.
No!!!!! It has to go under the Christmas Tree (which isn't even up yet!!!)
and probably won't be until the weekend.
Diva (MD) is going to camp this morning for 3 days,
and we always get the kids to put the tree up together and decorate it,
so we will wait until Friday when she comes back.

A big BIG Thank You to Chookyblue for organising this wonderful swap again this year,
Chooky you do an amazing job!!!!

Isn't that Christmas counter going down FAST?
I'm more organised on the present front than I thought....only a couple more to go.

have a great day wherever you are.