Sunday, February 16, 2014

it's gone....

my mojo!
so many things I should be doing...
so many things I'm not doing!
If you find it, can you send it home?

Friday, February 7, 2014


it affects ALL of us...
some sooner than others...

(photo from ChookyBlue's blog with permission)

Our farmers are doing it tough!
we all need to help get the pollies talking about this very important issue, 
and ways that they the farmers can be helped...
feed prices are sky rocketing!
stock are dying..
(I won't show the photo here, but pop on over to Chooky's)

In the above photo, that's her hubby standing in the BOTTOM of one of their dams, 
see that line of bushes way above his head....
that's where the water line should be!
No we can't change Mother Nature....
but we sure can all help out our Farmers, 
because without them, 
everytime YOU go to the supermarket YOU won't be buying MEAT or FRESH VEGIES or FRUIT, 
as there won't be any from Aussie farmers...
YOU won't be able to afford them, because prices WILL rise!

 pop on over to ChookyBlue's blog and have a look at how tough our farmers are doing this drought!
We need to help them in anyway we can, speak to your local politican...
you elected him or her, get in their ear and make them aware of how their voice can help ....
because it's actually YOUR voice!
speak to your local newspaper editior, 
get the word out...
our farmers need help and NOW!!!

show your support and do a post to spread the word.