Monday, August 31, 2015

New farmers wife finally!

after sitting on the shelf for several months,
it's time to start making some more Farmers Wife blocks!

I did it!

well after getting extremely frustrated because blogger isn't being nice and not allowing my photos to upload from my laptop, I have been trying for days. I suddenly remembered that Chookyblue has a bloggy bits help thing on her blog...well I found what I was looking for, tried it and it WORKED!!!!!

Thank you Donna, you have saved my sanity today!


Working on dresdens

for a special occasion later in the year, so only sneaky peeks!


is anyone else having trouble uploading photos? been trying for 3 days.....nothing!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

this weekends achievements!

 the top two were planned for something I've had in mind for a while,
but sadly it just wasn't coming together as planned!
So it's take two for them, they will be transformed into something else that IS coming together nicely
this one didn't turn out as big as I want, so back to the drawing board!
and yes this one will also be used for something else I have in mind
happy sewing!