Sunday, June 7, 2020

celebrating some finishes!

 Yesterday I got to join a whole heap of lovely quilters in a zoom meeting to celebrate the Chooksheds 8 th birthday organised by Chookyblue...lots of fun, a bit of stitching and quality time spent with like minded people is just great for the soul...thank you ladies.
I will be looking at a whole lot more blogs soon!
the hearts are what I was working on and managed to finish 2 with quite a few more to go!
 saw these on FB tin can owls (need to use something different for the beak) but you get the idea...
they are usually made for decoration but I decided to add some succulents as I saw another lady do....
need more lids for eyes...and I'll try some other combos
 my orchids are starting to pop up some spikes, exciting finding them all.
 full moon last Friday was just is off my phone
 some of my Spotlight haul from the $40 off coupon and loads of specials 
and this is the top done, waiting on the backing and then it;s quilting time!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

on this weekend....yay!

I'm attending this at some time over the weekend...
will I see you there?