Monday, March 30, 2020

holidays are almost finished!!!

Well I'm coming to the end of my annual leave, tomorrow its back to the real world...
whatever that means at the moment...
I almost feel like I'm starting a new job with all of the changes that have happened in the last 3 weeks with this covid 19 virus stuff going on...

anyway this huge fallen tree has been annoying my for more years than I care to remember, 
well 20 actually...this weekend it met its match...quite literally!
 2 days later its gone!
 this bundle of cuteness joined Divas family this week...
meet Jack...
they are fostering him to see if their  other cat  Larry copes with the new addition 
 (this will be interesting as Larry has been an only cat for a long time, she had been abandoned at the vets by owners for a long time), so time will tell
sorry about the photo, 
he is soooo quick its really hard to get a photo of him...
he's 9 weeks old 
 this is my last attempt at growing a waratah
it's looking very healthy and happy in this spot, 
only one bud, but it's a beauty...fingers crossed!
leftover plums became a jar of chutney
and I'm almost caught up with the Moda Blockheads 3 blocks
below is Blooming Love in 4, 6 and 8inch sizes
this is Taos block 9 and I'm working on block 10
this one is 12 inches
all the blocks together so far
once I laid them out , Taos is 12 inches I'm going to remake into an 8 as I feel it doesn't fit the centre in the layout (but I might change my mind once they are all done)
ED decided to make some protein balls instead of buying them 
and that way she doesn't need to go to the supermarket either...
they are very yummy
so I hope you got to do some sewing or whatever you love this weekend, 
reality bites tomorrow!
See Ya!

Monday, March 23, 2020

holidays part 4

so hope you aren't bored by all this!
scroll on by if you are
we will return to normal quilty stuff shortly!

Crossing the bridge at Bonnie Doon, 
last time we were here there was still water under the bridge (back in October 2019)
I haven't seen this arm of Lake Eildon like this for a long time.
 cute Spring mug rug from a FB group
 fixed my mistake...
didn't even see it until I was looking at my photos deciding what to post!
 bonfire season!
fire restrictions have been lifted early, 
so we can finally get rid of all the piles of stuff around the place!

 found this guy when I was moving fallen branches,
not sure how he survives where he is, there is no water there, it was damp but not much!
 our friendly kookie was kept busy...
here he/she is taking a break on the water trailer!
 bit of rain and the fungis pop up!
 my succulent garden has gone mad!
 crepe myrtles are out
 roses are having their last Autumn hooray I think.
our front hedge has grown so much since it was put in last March...
sorry the holiday snaps will continue next week...

Sunday, March 22, 2020

holidays part 3

day out to Beechworth...
Ned Kelly country!

on the way back from Beechworth, we went via Yackandah ...

another day trip out to Lake Buffalo,
so pretty!

part 4 to come

Saturday, March 21, 2020

holidays part 2...

so we were going to stay in Bright but all the places were fully booked as there was a huge mountain bike championship on (which we didn't know about..should of done some research!)
so we went on to Myrtleford...
this is one of the toilet blocks in a local park at the start/end of a 5km trail
apparently some local ladies sneak out in the middle of the night and pop these mosaics up...
you don't know where they are, you just have to keep looking,
some are very small (like the door, its at the bottom of a tree and is only about 3 inches high if that)

 this next lot were all on the underside of the bridge that leads back into town
 there were  3 flying ducks (like the ones our parents or grandparents had on the wall)

 forgot to mention on the last post my quick visit here in Orbost and what came home with me
part 3 on the way....

Friday, March 20, 2020

first week of holidays...part 1

well we have been around Victoria on a road trip,
here are some of the snaps1
I'll do it in parts so not to bore you all....
 dinner at Marlo pub on the balcony, 
great meal...
great view...
lots of mozzies!
 this not so little guy was in the picnic park at Cape Conran,
as you can see bushfires went through here recently,
hence our trip to help stimulate the economy for the locals
 out on the beach Cape Conran
 this spot is where the camping is allowed, 
not sure that this is, but there it is in all its glory!
 Omeo caravan park, overnight stop...
there were only about 6 sites being used,
very peaceful!
 this is the bench in the ladies that's a statement piece!
Mt Hotham on our way to Bright...
it looks cold, because it was!
the car said 2 degrees, 
the BOM said different!
whichever way it was COLD! and WINDY!
part 2 coming up

Thursday, March 19, 2020

didn't notice until now!!!!

just going back over my blocks so far and look!!!!!
didn't even see the mistake
looks like Jack and I are going to be friends again!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

long weekend...yaayyy!

 I don't crochet very well so my friend finished this off for me...just a wash and press to go
she has done a great job on it...very happy!
 finally did block 6 in 8 1/2" size not perfect but it will do!
 block 8 in 4 1/2" size
block 7 in 4 1/2" ...felt I needed a smaller on too
both together

another 2 days of the weekend to go...
more sewing tomorrow with any luck!
Enjoy whatever the weather brings your way.