Friday, June 28, 2019

its been cold!

 been chilly!

 the egg artist visited !
 our new hedge is looking good, and growing quickly
 well that sucks!
new oven for us..
serviced us for almost 20 years so can't complain....
 so no oven, how to cook?
Pie Maker! yes!
cakes? (hubbys birthday)
in the pie maker!
cheers Julz

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

where do the days go to?

 last rose for the season...
 my orange tree is loaded!
 these are blooming beautifully again this year
 loves to watch us in the garden in case we find a snackfor him
 Autumns last hurrah
 the start of a new garden bed
 ready for plants
 adding succulents as a buy or gifted in progress (and growing!)
 scared the bejeebas out of me (inside a pot I picked up)
 thought I had lost this one last year so chucked it into the garden,walking past over the weekend and its got new shoots and tons of buds so repotted it...might last a few more years now hopefully!
 another long forgotten UFO done!
 we've had some pretty sunsets...managed to get a photo of this one
double rainbow while out and about on the weekend.
What have you been up to?

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

what have I been up to?

 finished off these gorgeous ornies
(years old, can't remember the designers name...any ideas?)
 almost stepped on this guy on the path after my walk!
 finished another UFO
gorgeous Gail Pan design
 repotted a couple of plants I had bought, 
can't wait for these to flower, 
my Mum used to have these
(oh boy! am I turning into my Mum in my later years?)
special lunch cos I can on the weekend!