Sunday, August 26, 2012

mark your calenders!

make sure that you mark these 2 events into your calenders!
Quilts in the Barn is a wonderful time spent with like minded people,
not to mention the fantastic quilts that will be on display...
Linda and her team of helpers, along with the Crow Girls....makes for a wonderful day!!!!!
haven't been to this one, but I think that I will be trying my hardest to make it there....
not that I will probably ever do a Dear Jane quilt...
but it's always nice to look...


to get enough of this (above)
 so that I can have time to do more of this
and open a bricks and mortar one of these!


fresh from our garden!
(sorry about the blurry photo)

friends swap update

all wrapped up and labelled....

 group shot (I didn't have the magazine in the bottom photo)
F= freddos (chocolate) and flower brooch
R= runner and ricrac
I= inspiration (patterns and mag)
E=embroidery threads
N= necklace and needlecase
D= doily 
S= scissor keeper with cute scissors

thank you to Sandra for being a wonderful partner 
and to Khris for hosting another excellent swap!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

it's here!

Yes my Friends Swap parcel has landed from the lovely Sandra....
do you want to see what I got? 

 beautifully wrapped in pink, blue and mauve tissue paper and silvery ribbons!
F for fabric and fridge magnet about friends...
R and I for reading and inspiration... 
love Bari J books, she is such a star and soooo talented!
E for enjoy
(and they will be gone shortly after dinner I think!)
N for necessary...
a lovely kitchen hand towel, some lovely hand cream (smells divine) and a cute cupcake, 
made from a rolled up face cloth with the cutest strawberry on top!
D for doll...
isn't she cute?
S for scarf...
now normally I don't do scarves, but this one is just stunning and as I do wear a bit of black this will get a lot of use I'm sure....

So firstly THANK YOU SANDRA for being a wonderful partner, 
(hope your parcel arrives soon)...
and THANK YOU KHRIS for running another awesome swap!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

this weekend

ok, I've been a bit slack with the photo a day...
some days didn't have time, 
some days couldn't think of anything!
so now I have a few minutes to myself after the shopping, 
putting it away, 
cleaning the freezer (so I could actually get stuff into it!),
cutting up and bagging the meat for the freezer, 
I will try to post some photos for PAD...
here goes....

need to start getting READY for this!

one of these is being celebrated this weekend, so one of these will be eaten!

and I think that makes me up to date until tomorrow!!!!
(sorry I know some of them are rather lame)


Friday, August 10, 2012


how about this ring? 
a ring (circle) of roses...
check it out here and here!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


from Miss Denise...
cos she had 2 copies!
lucky, aren't I?

thanks Denise you're a STAR

Thursday, August 2, 2012


one block completed!
(after unpicking it,cos I sew it together wrong!!!!!)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


these are starting to pop open 
although I didn't really get to see much of that today!