Saturday, August 14, 2021


 not a whole lot happening here as we are starting to paint all the doors and architraves before we put in new carpet later in the year...
so enjoy some beauties from my garden!

Friday, August 6, 2021

currawongs and other stuff

 Decided that this will be my new camping quilt instead of the one I made earlier in the year,
only because I think the other one would get very dirty as it is quite light colours,
the centre blocks were given to me a few years ago by a friend, 
they have been hidden in a box all this time, 
I had just enough of the blue and red for the extra borders, 
added the 2 outer ones from my stash and will have just enough of the green left for binding,
just need to find a backing.
my one and only rhondendron is out, such a pretty colour, so I bought a couple inside to enjoy

I have these 2 regular visitors to my magnolia tree, they love the seed pods that form from the flowers,
each year they come and break them open for the seeds, 
I think they are still looking for them even though they are all finished...
they are quite entertaining to watch. 

hope you are coping with or without lockdown depending on where you are in the country!
Melbourne has just begun lockdown #6!
We have been told it will be 7 days, but nobody believes that, 
the last one was supposed to be 7 days and it turned into 14, 
so who knows!
Doesn't affect anyone in this house, 
we all still have to go to work as we are all essential services, 
feel so much for small business that are hanging on by a thread!
where and when will it end?