Sunday, December 29, 2019

Merry Christmas!

Well it's all done and dusted for another  year!

 dessert plate at our work Christmas party!
OMG these were THE best!
 one of our customers bought these in for us...delish!
 my little hexie collection is still growing
 Christmas Eve at work...
no one needed lunch!
 the start of Christmas day celebrations with the fambam...
great company,
great food, 
(more food than we could all eat!)
loads of fun and laughter...
just like it should be!
 a very late duck family on the lake
some lovely lillies in the garden, 
just bought some pink ones for next year!

Hope than everyone enjoyed their day no matter how you spend it...
next stop 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

where did the weekend go?

 pretty lillies are popping up in the garden
 stars and other special items on the fireplace
 beside the front door
 opposite the front door
 next to the tv cabinet
 above the sliding doors on each side
 tin collection in the lounge
ta da! purple and silver!

Monday, December 2, 2019

catch up time again....

 morning walks are always lovely
 this one has had a major growth spurt!

 the weather has been all over the place,,,lovely sunny days, hot and dusty and smoky...rain on the way (very dirty rain I might add!)

 the tiny hexies are multiplying nicely
 California Poppies are stunning this year
 first bloom on my new Christmas cactus

 potted up my birthday presents to me!
 birthday present from YD
 birthday morning tea at work...yummo!
friendly visitor down the back...he was huge but a bit skinny....beautiful colours

Monday, November 18, 2019

mojo is back !!!!

 mini pink one....
 lesson 4 European arrangement
think I did alright with this one
used the leftover flowers for this

Thursday, November 7, 2019

I must be mad

 starting another hexie journey...
these are 1/2" and finish at around 2" ...
I want to use up a lot of my tiny scraps....
here goes...wish me luck!

Monday, November 4, 2019

another weekend bites the dust...err mud (sort of)

 one of 3 duck families on the dam this year...
these I think were the first ones hatched
 delicious cake bought into work by one of our customers...
don't know exactly what it was but yummo...
cherries, chocolate and we think maybe banana...
any way it didn't last long
 the bees are loving my Powong Tree (also called Sapphire Dragon Tree)
 these little ones were tiny...
maybe a day old
and now onto my garden...
unfortunately just as the roses were coming out nicely we got lots of rain,
not complaining we still need it...
so enjoy the show
just joey
a bruised double delight
Julia's rose
can't remember this one
camp david
 one of the succulents in my newest garden bed are about to pretty
tequila sunrise
 now this one I started about 20 years old when I first started quilting, 
well this week I actually finished it!!!!
I had got to a point where I didn't like the green, but couldn't be bothered unpicking it...
I finally decided just quilt the damn thing...well now I like it again...and just in time for Christmas!

and to finish, a beautiful sunset ...
we have had some beauties too

Sunday, October 27, 2019

well the week that was....

 new families on the lake....only seen 2 families this year
 I know I showed this last week, but its' fully out and so so pretty!
 some warmer weather means the pigface comes out...this one is near my front door
 cool starts to the day means great photos of the lake
 very excited, one of my succulents is going to flower!!!!
 discovered that I have 3 different coloured iris's...white, deep purple and this beauty!
 small selection from the garden...
the roses aren't quite there yet, 
heaps of buds so stay tuned
Jacobean lily is stunning this year with 9 spikes and it's multiplied heaps
lesson 3 in my floristry course...
still need lots of practise!
hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did...