Monday, August 12, 2019

wild weather

well there was some wild weather around on the weekend,
it snowed nearby..
no photos as I didn't venture out!
These cheeky devils were just down the road from my place ,
they are becoming more and more frequent visitors to our streets!
 planted these in my garden years ago after having them in a pot, 
they keep multiplying and smell divine1
 found this little  visitor in the garden on Sunday, only a juvenile, 
 We thought he was just very cold, as it was only 5 degrees outside, bought him inside to try and warm him up a bit, he wasn't moving very much even after a couple of hours, ended up taking him to the Healesville Sanctuary as we felt he wasn't well.
Turns out he had puncture marks on his they are keeping him for a while to get him well again, and they will return him to us in the Spring so he can go back to his own territory.