Friday, November 11, 2022

ensuite update...almost done!

 well the demo was all done over the weekend, 
its already to go on the Wednesday after Cup Day
those floor tiles were a total pain to get off...
a lot harder than the other bathroom

so this is it so far, 
jus the shower screen to go up, 
that's happening tomorrow!
then we just need to paint, 
put up the new towel rail, hand towel ring and toilet roll holder
and finally the new mirror
everything is working, 
except the shower (no screen yet),
will be so  happy to move back into my own bathroom!

we still have flooding around the area, 
this is Yarra Glen about 10 minutes from us (racecourse), 
under water again!
it is starting to dry up, but boy does it SMELL!!!!
haven't had dahlias for years, but this one said take me home, 
so I did!

my very last waratah for this year

this little guy was being attacked by the dog next door,
so we went and rescued him/her and put him/her in our yard where they were safe..
haven't seen him/her since
and this cute birdie followed me home from the nursery where we had lunch last weekend

hope you're getting to do some things that you enjoy!