Sunday, June 23, 2013

another weekend bites the dust

I swear the weekend days go faster than light!
Sunday night and what have I done all weekend, 
not much on the sewing front...
cleaned and vaccummed  the house from top to tail, 
bought up from the backyard about 7 wheelbarrows of wood with DH, 
went shopping for groceries, 
and spent about 2 hours finishing off a project...

insert unhappy face here.

(well I suppose 2 hours is better than none!)

I did manage to finish this earlier in the week for the Curly Pops Hottie Challenge to be held at Opendrawer next week....

Monday, June 10, 2013

long weekend update

 this is the first time ever (in ten years) that my white nerine has bloomed
I thought I had lost this bulb years ago, but there it was...just a single bloom.
 making some of these cute little families for my next windows at Wyreena in July
and we have this up for sale....
it's my daughters car...
we have just upgraded our car, 
she has bought our old car and now we need to get rid of this one
$3000 with RWC or $2500 without RWC

it's on carsales
if anyone is interested or would like more info, email me  thru the profile page.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


where has the year gone to? 
It's JUNE!

today is cold and wet, a fitting start to Winter. 
off to do some stitching!