Sunday, March 27, 2022

missing in action!

Very photo heavy!!!!
 morning walks were on hold unfortunately...dodgy knee playing up
these beauties bloomed for the first time in my garden...
thank you to friend Carol for them

couldn't work out what was happening to my cherry tomatoes...
found the magpie, must of been watching me pick them, so thought he would too!
purchased this little guy off FB, 
barely 3" high, made by the ladies 95yo Dad!
Amazing workmanship!

my new crepe myrtle bloomed, mislabelled I feel, 
pretty but not the one I wanted, 
now I have to buy another one!

March is holiday month, so we went on a trip to Port Campbell, 
love this tiny town on the Great Ocean Rd, 
never disappoints with the views and sunsets!

that's Port Campbell to the left, and the 12 Apostles start just on the other side of that big bit in the ocean in the middle right of the photo

dinner on our last night there at 12 Rocks!

then we went to visit friends down near Lakes Entrance...
a fellow quilter who definitely leads me astray!
top photo from Twisted Threads at Johnsonville, bottom from Spotlight 
(on special, so how could I not?)

picnic dinner of fish and chips by the sea...

and back to reality!
time to chop, split and bring the Winter wood up, 
our friendly kookas joined us

hopefully it won't be so long between posts!