Tuesday, February 16, 2021

for sale

 these 2 wall hangings are for sale.

I did a commission for a friend last year, used red hearts but she changed her mind and wanted pink, so I ended up with these 2 left over. 

$40 each includes postage in Australia 

(OS I would need to see which country and how much and do a percentage of )

Approximate sizes are 32cm x 41.5cm and the other one is 35.5cm x 42.5cm 
My own original design....pattern available in my Etsy shop or via my FB page (links on sidebar)

Monday, February 8, 2021

12 months in the making!

well 12 months ago (actually 13, 56 weeks)
I started modablocksheads3 with thousands of others across the world, 
this past weekend I have it all together...
enjoy some progress shots across the weekend
feeling it was going to be too busy (no sashings in this baby!)
but I perserved with it
sorry turn your head to the side its an onpoint layout (forgot that bit when I took the photo)
that's better...
that's the centre and first border completed ( mid Sunday afternoon)
still a lot of sewing to go!

are you ready for the big reveal???

ta da!!!!

and I only had to fudge one side border that was about 1/2" short!
and I'm not telling which one either!
Picked up a lovely fabric for the backing while I was out and about on Friday, 
now to do the backing, I'm going to incorporate the leftover blocks from the front into the back (I think), will have a play and see how it looks before doing any cutting or sewing on that...

So after 56 weeks, I now need to find another long term project...
there are a few I have in mind, but you will have to wait and see!

And some garden spam to end with...
even weeds can look stunning!