Monday, October 13, 2014

more LB

bottom left corner or top right corner?
decisions, decisions.....
help! please....

first bit of Lucy Boston

ok, like the centre and the grey fillers,
not sure what the next move will be,
this fabric is proving a little hard to use,
a lot of waste and that is soooo against my nature!
oh well keep going and see where it leads

Friday, October 10, 2014

Quilts In The Barn

 just a few of the lovely examples on display...
and this one below is by my good friends at Max and Louise Pattern Company
it was really hard to get decent photos as it was soooooo busy!
just after I arrived I caught up with Lisa and Louise,
funny we live 5 minutes apart and go out for the day and meet up, but hardly see each other in town!
Linda will have lots more photos in the coming days,
as I sure so will so many others that attended...
Also caught up with the Crows,
made a small purchase of their new book and some lovely wool felt.
So if you're in the area,
get yourself to Wonga Park and spent some time with beautiful quilts all for a great cause,
and meet loads of like minded people...
it's on tomorrow and Sunday (October 11th and 12th)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Saturday, October 4, 2014

unhappy face :(

well there is a big unhappy face here...
I missed ChookyBlue's post for the 2014 SSCS
I have decided that I will participate in my own way this year,
have just purchased some papers for Lucy Boston blocks,
so my aim is to have these blocks done for Christmas as a present to myself.
I only have enough papers for 4 blocks, so a lovely new table topper it will be.
now we have just got back from a few days with friends in Lakes Entrance,
loved this time away with all of my family,
something that probably won't happen a lot in future as my girls are all almost all grown up!
(another sad face there!)
but I am so glad they still (at this point) want to come away with us...

back home again,
another week of holidays before I go back to work,
but will be spending it doing "stuff" around here that needs doing,
and hopefully a bit of sewing/stitching time in there too!