Monday, February 22, 2010


Today I received my parcel from the Box and a Tag Swap organised on TCCT,

this is what I got from Lisa at Olive Grove Primitives.....

one of Lisa's beautiful dollies...she is so sweet,
the green box for putting "stuff" in, some room/linen spray, fabulous smelling wax melts, and gorgeous rose petals....

thank you Lisa!

and this is what I sent to my partner Robyn (no blog) but check her out here

cute little bag made using that tut from PS I Quilt,
also a matching thread catcher (these are great, so handy!),
my fav macadamia shortbread bikkies,
some Earl Grey Tea,
and another fav Mocha sachets
(for those afternoons where you want chocolate and coffee together, YUM!)

did I mention these are MY FAVs (wonder if they will become Robyns?)

Go check out the Swappin Crows Page to see what we all got.

These swaps are great, and we get to know a fellow crafters a bit better,
and hopefully make some more online friends!

take care

Sunday, February 14, 2010

new addition of TCCT

The latest addition of The Chocolate Crow Trader online mag in out now!

Go check it out now with the link above...
some lovely Easter items and loads of other lovely stuff....

cheers Julz

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A little bit of this...

I haven't been up to much lately....just not inspired to do anything.
I think I've lost my sewing mo jo!
Started to make some new dolls...but nothing seems to be going the way I would like it too...

This one above is as far as the doll making has progressed...
rather pathetic I think....
there are still half finished dolls everywhere in my sewing room.
hopefully they will be finished this weekend,
I need to start getting loads of stuff done for the next market in 3 weeks!

Found a great tutorial for this very cute little bag over at PS I quilt,
Rachel has the most amazing stuff.
I usually make my bags the way she does anyway, but this one is a lot smaller than I usually do..
it's only about 7" x 5" (not including the handles).

I thought it would make a great little bag for all those Easter Egg Treasure Hunts we will be going on soon...

however this one I think will be going to a special swap I'm in on TCCT????
better get my act together on that one it's due Monday!

Ohh, that bag above can be made without the handles for a thread catcher too....
think some of those might be OK for the market....
and they are a great way to use up scraps....very handy...

We have had quite a bit of rain here the last few days which has been lovely...
we didn't get any of the damaging rain, wind and hail that other parts of Victoria got...
just some very welcome steady rain,
and heaps of thunder and lightening!

take care Julz