Wednesday, February 11, 2015

it's on again!

holiday update

yes that's right I've been on holidays for the last week and a bit,
there's too much to do here!
we bought another water tank and moved that into it's new position,
still needs to be connected,
started cleaning  up the sewing room,
yeah, still going with that one,
moved stuff,
found stuff (forgot I had it),
thrown out stuff (crap!),
made a new mess...
start of a new quilt....
still working on my LBs
 have got the sashings around 5 of them now...
lots of walks...
quite a bit of eating out,
so more walks needed there!
very hot here this week,
summer has finally come to Victoria!
I'm off to do some more "cleaning" in the sewing room and maybe some stitching under the AC,
it's going to be 37 today!