Hexie Progress...

this is option 1 for the border...
and this above is option 2...I think this is the way that I will be going....

this is the completed top!  now to decide on the borders...I think a colour wash continuation will be what I do....
the bottom half of the quilt...now I just need to finish stitching 3 blocks into their rows...and it will be onto stitching those rows together! I won't bore you with row by row details...                                                Ohhh I just discovered something else that will put my quilt apart from the pattern...see those 4 stitched centre hexies on the bottom? they shouldn't be there!                                                                          BUT I can't be bothered unpicking them, so will make another 4 for the top row I think...                      then it will be time to think about the border!!!!!!
the last 4 flowers stitched together into the last block!
wow...5 rows done that's over halfway stitched together (rows that is), I'll get all the rows stitched together before I start stitching the rows together into the quilt top
first row completed, second row almost done and 3rd row all laid out ready to stitch
that's 6 blocks sewn together for the first row plus a start on row 2
the first flower unit done!
and now that the layout has been settled, I need to focus on the centre hexie stitching...24 drawn up and another few to decide as I'm not having all flowers...there will be some butterflies, lady birds, dragonflies and bees I think

ok these two photos are just different views of the same layout...I'm very happy with this one and so this is how it will get sewn together! the top photo shows all the missing hexies except one (from the bottom photo)
ok this is the FIRST proper layout of the hexies...as you can see there are still a few that need to be done to finish off some rows, I think it is coming together nicely!
hmm...the darker side of the quilt needed fixing...I am going with the 8 rows not 7 as the pattern says...think it will balance my quilt a bit better as it is a colourwash
more red adjusting
adding/fixing colours!
this is the first layout tryout...oops have discovered that I don't have enough hexies in each row! so now I have to rearrange the rows which will make me short? or maybe I will end up doing 8 rows instead of 7, so that I keep me colour wave going the right way....stay tuned!
some oranges, golds, tans and pumpkin coloured ones!
time to check out some colour combinations to see how many of each I have
and these 4 make 138!
these 2 makes 134...
and another 5 done while watching Carlton beat the Doggies...go Blues!
makes 132....almost there...
127 done
lovely Spring colours brings our total to 123
love these 2 stripey ones! so these 4 makes the total 120...not far to go now!
another 6 for 116...on the home stretch I think!
last 2 from the hospital wait makes 110!
another 2 from the hospital wait = 108
these 7, done while at the hospital waiting for ED to have her operation, make 106
these 2 make it 99!
4 more from Eildon trip
seven from the market last weekend brings the total to 91!
two blues makes 84
plus another 7 = 82....
another 5 makes 75....zooming along here
and these 5 makes 70....that's halfway to finished!
two more for 65
three purple ones makes 63

number 60! yay...
 these 3 yellow ones (above and below) makes 59
two more makes 56
another 3 makes 54
these 2 make 51
three more makes 49
 this thing will not let me type words where I want them...grrrr blogger makes me mad at times!

another 8 makes 46...that's a third of them done!
red and black ones makes 38

3 more hexies = 33
30 blooms so far...lots of yellow?

a few more
another 8 makes 20
adding some blue...7 more makes 12

5 altogether!

My first hexie!
started August 12th 2011.


ferne said...

Just curious, how long does it take to make one flower and are you doing it all by hand?

Dee Emm said...

This is so utterly beautiful! Please join us in our EPP group.

Judyk2310 said...

I love all of your Hexies!! I love to make them as there is something peaceful about sewing a Hexie. Thanks for sharing!!