Sunday, October 27, 2013

making a start...

with some of my favourite fabrics and colours!

oh and this pirate wench came for a visit the other day
13 years of schooling done and dusted for this one...
still finalizing her course for next year...

Monday, October 14, 2013

coming soon!

these came in the mail today!
just a bit...
starts November the 9th at Wyreena

I'm guilty too!

 ok there's a linky party over at Lily Pad Quilting asking are you a quilter?
well...I think I'm also a bit guilty of that fact...
above is my corner of the lounge, complete with basket of stuff, armchair caddy, quilt and cushions!
 DH's corner...
 the couch corner
 as you enter the front door...
dolly swap corner and embroidered pictures
 the other side of the front door...
another dolly corner and a cross stitch from many years ago
 oops forgot this corner of the lounge, more dolls I have either made or received
 the girls lounge, quilts and cushions for all
 under the TVs even!
and of course the table...

couldn't show you the other bedrooms as they were not fit to be photographed!
but they do have quilts in the beds also...
these can be seen down my side bar if you're curious
so what do you think?
am I guilty as charged?

little weekend sewing

did the quilting on this one and another one different pattern, 
now to decide where to put the buttons??/ on the coloured strips (top) or on the white bit beside the quilting?
think I'm leaning towards the coloured strips....will sew the binding on first then decide.
back to the sewing machine (after cleaning the house!)

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 6th

October 6th is a special day in our family...
our wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my dear husband, 
yes you drive me mad at times, 
make me laugh, 
hug when I cry, 
always there by my side, 
thank you....