Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another finish...

and this is the weather here today in outer Melbourne...
true Spring like weather!

yes, don't die of shock! I have another finish for the month.

actually I have another one also, but need to sew the binding down tonight,
so I will take a pic tomorrow when it's really finished.

Tomorrow, I'm finished my holidays and am back to work....groaaaaaannnn!!!!!

But needless to say, the bills need to be paid, Christmas shopping needs to be done...
are you watching that countdown counter?
It seems to be counting down at lightning speed!

Ok Now, I'm going back to cutting out some bags for the upcoming market stall

take care

Finally Arrived....

finally my Secret Stitchers Angel has received her parcel.
(it was in customs for 10 days apparently!)

So now I can show you what I made for Heike.

I'm so glad that she likes it...
and hopefully will get loads of use out of it.
I got something similiar last year from the lovely Loralyn,
and I love it! The little bag and scissor case go with me everywhere.

A big big THANK YOU must go to Helen for organising this swap again.
I'm sure that I speak for everyone that participated....
it is always wonderful to receive something special from someone across the world, country, state or raod (wherever you may be!)
The care and thought that goes into each parcel is quite inspiring....

If you haven't received yours yet, I hope that you do shortly!

take care

Friday, November 27, 2009

More dolls...

Just added a few more dolls to
Prim and Pretty Too!

Get in quick for lovely handmade gifts or something special for your decor.

have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Love holidays....
I get so much's wonderful!

Today I posted off my SSCS items to ???????
(it's got the logo on the front, so the person receiving it knows where it's from)

One more swap to go.....the HoneyPot Ornie Swap.....
what to make?????
I have a few ideas and Deb has shared some lovely freebies with me,
I think I might use some of them....

Now off to finish some dolls I started the other day and haven't had time to finish!

My little angel wall hanging was very well received......
that's it for now...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I'm finished my SSCS pressies and they will be jetting their way to ????????
you'll have to wait and see....

I'm really happy with the way things turned out, and hope that my partner thinks so too.

Still haven't heard from my Secret Stitchers Angel...just hoping now that her parcel didn't get lost in the post......

OK all you girls in Germany start checking your post box, it must be there soon!

And I can actually put something in my sidebar as a finish for November! Hows that?
(the pic is at the top of the post...blogger won't let me put it down here)
stupid blogger!

Now the stitchery has been in my UFO basket for about 4 years. I did it with the intention of making some cushion covers with angels on them, well did the stitchery part and never did the rest. This wall hanging is now going to my niece as part of her 1st birthday present....(what do you buy a one year old besides toys....and they always seem to have so many these days!), so I thought something that would be a bit more lasting was appropiate....and she can think about her 3 cousins looking out for her, as in the wall hanging!

Back into the sewing I have heaps of stuff still to do, and only one week of my holidays left!

Tomorrow, I'm off to nieces birthday party AND to my works Christmas do

( yeah I know it's early but was the only time they could get in where they wanted it....
How do you get into festive spirit in the middle of November!)

ohhhh well, I'm give it a go anyway!

take care and cheers

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Check out Prim and Pretty Too, new item available.

Cute snowman!


Better Late Than Never...

Big, big round of applause for Chris!

She has worked her little butt off
and got TCCT changed over mighty fast for someone that did not have internet access for over a week....

Well done Chris.

So go check out The Chocolate Crow Trader,
as there are some absolutely gorgeous items available from the girls.

take care

Monday, November 16, 2009

TCCT update...

Well Chris is finally back online...

so TCCT will be changed over by the end of the week,
with all going well for Chris....

I'll leave a post when it is...
Good luck Chris

cheers Julz


The Chocolate Crow Trader online magazine has not yet been changed over for November....
Poor Chris has been having loads of internet woes (none for almost a week)
hopefully it will be back on later this week for her.

so once it is the new addition is up and running,
I post it here..

It's the Christmas addition, so there will be loads of great Christmas items from the girls!

Have you had a look at my new selling blog...only a few thing s on there at the moment,
but more coming.....

click here to view it.


drum roll please.....

The winner of the button guessing competition is

with a final guess of 1363.

So do you want to know how many buttons were is that jar???

There were 1422 buttons!
Told you it was a really big jar!

I'm on holidays for the next couple of weeks (well from one job anyway!)
it gives me 3 days off in each week!

so look out sewing room...
here I come

Over the weekend I managed to get quite a few things almost finished, will pop them onto the new blog when finished...maybe tomorrow???

Now I'm off to work (the other job) and tomorrow I hit the sewing room....yaaaayyyyy!

Have a great day


Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Selling Blog....

OK....I've started a new selling blog where you will find some great buys....ready made dolls, table throw and runners, cushion covers, journal covers.....loads of stuff!

It's called Prim and Pretty Too....

check it out here....

as it is so new, there are only a few things on there,
but I will try to list new stuff every few days.

Please let me know what you think


Competition for October

OK ...
I'm having a competition.....
are you ready?

This will be run in conjuction with TCCT from October 15th to November 14th
(I'll keep it dated so it stays on top)

All you need to do is...

guess how many buttons are in the jar....

That's the one in my banner.
(It's a really BIG jar, with lots of small buttons and a tape measure so you know
how big it is)

click here...and click on the will enlarge the photo so you can start counting!

The winner will be the person who either guesses the correct amount
the person with the guess nearest to the correct amount....

Easy Peasy

leave a comment with your guess on this post,
(make sure that you leave either an email addy or some way to contact you,
please don't leave anonymous ones....very hard to find you,
non bloggers welcome)

or email me
(from my profile page, or one of my websites)

good luck!


PS....Yes there is a prize....check it out here

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Stuff.....

well I have been busy adding my patterns to the website....

most of my patterns are now available as paper patterns (sent to you in the post)
it seems lots of folk don't like epatterns...personally I love 'em!
you get to pick, pay, download, print and stitch straight away....

I still love paper patterns.....
nothing better than fondling your newest addition to get the feel for it.

So go check them out here

and I have been making some of these

hopefully I will have some more time to add these to this website soon....

and I have loads more stuff planned
thankfully I'm on holidays as of Friday! so sewing room here I come!

Now I'm off to work....hopefully the AC will be on as it has been very hot here for the last few days...above 34 every day since last weekend...with this weekend still expected to be the same!
No rain in sight again.....

take care and happy sewing/crafting if you have the chance!

PS Don't forget to add your guess to the competition ends on Saturday 14th!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday

to my eldest DD....
17 today....

seems like yesterday you entered this world...
so glad you did....
and here in Victoria, it's Melbourne Cup Day...
a holiday for some in the state....
and they say it's the horse race that stops a nation.....

did you back a winner?
if you didn't, there is always next year....
I think the horse I picked out is still running!

Hope you all had a wonderful day....
I did the housework this morning,
and sat and stitched ALL afternoon,
dinner is in the oven.....lasagne, DDs favourite!
chocolate ice cream cake for dessert, YUM.

And tomorrow, no more dashing here and there all day long,
guess what I'm gonna do??????

yay.....more stitching....
got loads to do before the next market,
along with a couple of orders that need to be finished off.

And I need to get some new stuff onto the websites
or else everyone will be bored and won't come to visit!

happy stitching!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Great idea...

I've just had an email from Robyn, who was telling me about a really cool way to trace your stitcheries onto fabric without it moving!!!!! Always happens.....pop on over to Kathy Schmitzs blog and have a look here......if you're like me and do loads of stitcheries....this is perfect!

And yes Robyn, I had a lovely day and thanks for visiting....thank goodness it didn't get too warm (the day before was a very warm day....a bit unexpected after some of the yuk weather we have had....even had to put the AC on, on Saturday!)

and keep those guesses coming still have until November 14th! someone is getting closer

cheers Julz