Sunday, October 29, 2023

busy busy!

been flat out at work, 
but the garden always brings me joy...

more flowers for inside to enjoy

the roses have started and are amazing

treated myself to lunch on Friday after my eye appointment,
 it was delicious, 
will be going back to this place 
Harrow and Harvest in Lilydale
and then an ice cream in Healesville, 
just because...

love where I work these days,
a new view each day...

haha this was my view for lunch one day, 
showers then sun, then more showers
one warmish day and this guy was out but someone squashed him with a car, 
found him on my walk the next day

and this was the view of the walk, 
bit foggy but lifting and the sun coming out,

walked on a bit further around the lake,
 and this greeted me, 
bit eerie but beautiful.



Fiona said...

Your garden is so pretty and it's so lovely to see green grass (very dry here already). My son is moving to Healesville next month so it's fun to see some pictures of the area...

kiwikid said...

Beautiful flowers and I love your walk in all its seasons and weathers.