Monday, August 1, 2022

not much happening here!

well it's been a little while since my last post and a few things have happened...
that new job finished....wasn't the place for me...
 so on to a new adventure which hopefully starts next week, training starts at the end of this week, 
I'll keep you posted!
As I always say, one door slams shut, another one opens!

this little guy is becoming quite the visitor!
can be hand fed, but only seems to like me, flies off when hubby or daughter come outside.
I'm sure he sits in the trees down the back and watches as I can be in the kitchen and he will land on the railing, will sit there for ages too.
And the magpies get jealous so they come and land on the railing to see what's going on, had 2 kookies and 3 maggies on the weekend, plus another maggie on the ground. 
discovered a Bower bird bower during the week, right outside my bedroom window, 
such pretty birds, but I believe they love fruit and veggies patches!

some lovely fungi found while cutting back the roses last weekend.

we've had some pretty good frosts the last couple of weeks, 
crispy leaves!

and this was the progress on my quilt (from attending my last zoom sewing day with Chookyblue and the girls)
and this is the completed flimsy, on to quilting soon. 
wish AusPost had such pretty stamps, this one from the USA
some baking was done, 
had to do a taste test!

hope you have all managed to do some sewing or other things you like to do...

back soon!


jude's page said...

Love your visitor on the railing, and love your quilt. Hope the job training goes well and the new job is better.

loulee said...

Friendly neighbours you have over there.
Your quilt top and your baking both look lovely.

Fiona said...

All the best with the job, I love your quilt - as you know. And I have started chopping scraps for my version.... which another friend is making too... thanks for your help with instructions...

kiwikid said...

Very special to have the kookaburra visiting. We used to get them at Gisborne, none here where we live sadly. Your quilt top is lovely, good to have it finished. Hope the new job is a better fit for you.