Sunday, December 20, 2009

my weekend....

boy, has this week and weekend been busy!
The week wizzed by with work, work and more work....
and going out nearly every night for one thing or another....

Tuesday night saw us at the High School Presentation Night, where our ED was presented with an award for her contribution to the calender that the students do each year.

They organise the whole thing, together with local business owners and the Rotary Club, having a budget to stick to, they canvas local businesses for advertising space on the calender, go out and get photos of interesting local features, hold a photo competition to get more photos, select winners, select photos for calender, do all the artwork, send off to printer for printing and finally get local businesses to help sell the calenders as well as holding stalls to sell some themselves.

Calenders this year sold out in 2 weeks!

These year 11 students do a fabulous job and there is usually a profit that they divide up, this giving back to the school for some much needed books in the library, some to the local Rotary Club (that also has a lot to do with the input to the calender) and their selected charity for the year, and finally several small cash scholarships to help students with their final year at school.

(OK blogger is being a pain in the butt!!!!and will not let me put the pics where I want them....)

Thursday night saw YD at her grade 6 Graduation Night...
she looked so gorgeous in her dress (yes very proud mum here!)

Saturday afternoon saw me off to the Healesville Racecourse Market (twilight one),
very busy with loads of sales....thanks to everyone that did.
sorry no pics, as the stall set up was pretty much that same as previous

Today I'm having a bit of a veg day!!! Woke up with a slight headache that just won't go away, so I'm just taking it very easy...

Tomorrow off to work again, same Tuesday, plus dinner out with the girls, Wednesday will be busy preparing for Friday, Thursday work again, and we all know what's happening on Friday!!!!

(I will try and get the photos where they are supposed to be later, and will add some more of the graduation too)

take care Julz

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