Saturday, April 3, 2021

missing in action

 didn't realise it was almost 2 months since my last post,

very slack of me!

(sorry about the blurry photo, Jack doesn't know how to sit still!)
looked after these 2 for a couple of days towards the end of Feb when my daughter went away...
decided I needed cheering up one week, so red nails it was!
and then I started my annual leave!
Headed off to visit some friends down towards Lakes Entrance, 
spent a lovely few days relaxing and doing the tourist things
then we came home and packed this up and headed up to Myrtleford for a few days....
then across to Cobram to meet up with some lovely people we had met last year and did some more touristy things like visiting this amazing place!

these flowers were huge, bigger than my hand!

picnic down on the Murray one day and looking up this little guy was right above us!
back home for a couple of days before heading off to my other most favourite spot (my sisters)
and then it was back home with the vegie haul
and time to make them into pickles!
finally spent some of the money and gift vouchers my girls have given me over the last couple of years, been looking for one of these and this one came home with me.
and the last couple of weeks spent at home has included moving these to chop into blocks (at back of photo) and then split, take up the front to the woodpile and stack!
At least we will be toasty warm in Winter!

and yes my poor thumb was a casuality again this year, plus a managed to get a big bruise of both shins and my left wrist in 3 places ( and yes it hurt, yes I did cry and yes I did swear!)

so if you managed to get through all that, 
I wish you all a very Happy Easter and hope that you are doing whatever makes you happy!


marina said...

You sure have been busy!
Love the May Gibbs fabrics, I scored some too from spotlight.
Haven’t thought how to use it yet, you?

Maria said...

I can understand why the months flow by as you’ve been very busy...
Looks like some fun trips and the Cactus 🌵 Country is a great place to visit..
Hope you thumb better now..