Wednesday, January 1, 2014

bring it on!


I hope that 2014 is everything that we wish for!

we didn't have anything planned, it was going to be a quiet night...
one of our neighbours came over to ask what we were doing, 
nothing I said, 
well come and do nothing with us and have a few drinks, 
so we did!
Had a really good night, 
think there may be more 
doing nothing, come on over parties!


Susan said...

They are the best kind! Happy 2014.

Ana Maria said...

Well.... my night was just the same! and despite what they say we may be the majority!
This flower is in your garden? I have plenty of them and last summer I took some photos to make a video of its life....
Happy New Year!

Lida said...

A Happy and Healthy 2014, hugs