Saturday, November 26, 2011


just spent the day at AQM....
so much fun,
so little time....
lots of new stuff will be appearing on the website very soon!

Met some gorgeous on line friends...
Hi Linda and Lenora...
caught up with Barb (Theodora Cleave)
and the lovely Lenna Green
saw lots and lots of faces I know (but too shy to say Hi too)
saw loads of lovely trims and things, lots and lots of fabrics, bought some gorgeous japanese buttons, and bag handles.....inspiration plus!!!!!


1 comment:

Lida said...

Oh,oh, see you emptied your wallet! Lot of nice fabric! Next time, don't be shy! Just introduce yourself and tell them what yoy make and what you design, take some pictures with you and show them to them and you will see they will like the things you make and maybe they can give you some advice! No you got, Yes you can get! Hugs