Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the end of the road....

sadly, The Chocolate Crow Trader is almost over!
Chris, our fearless leader has decided to call it a day,
please read below as to why...
hopefully we will return in the near future...bigger, better and brighter than before!

(from Chris)
Unfortunately the time has come where, with only a handful of ladies still participating, The Chocolate Crow Trader appears that it may have run it’s natural course…

Numbers have been steadily dwindling over the past 12-18 months, which is totally understandable in the current economic/retail environment. Many girls have left due to the need to return to full time work /increasing family/work commitments. Due to the downturn in retail since the GFC …sales are also fewer than they were earlier on, which also has a downward effect with members .

All of these situations are totally out of my control and I see no “quick fix” until things settle down financially. This has lead me to make the decision (that truthfully I have been putting off for quite some time)…..and in this regard I am afraid to say that that the April Issue will be the the last for TCCT for the time being.

This very difficult decision was only made after a lot of soul-searching and much thought and I am very sorry to see it end this way, however, I am certain that you will all agree that TCCT would seem to have experienced it’s “Hey Day” and it is time for it to bow out gracefully, as it so justfully deserves, ….as I am sure Bev (it’s original founder) would also want.

Who knows…when things pick up again I may resurrect it but for the time being it is the end of the road for now.

I myself have been on TCCT four almost 5 exciting time indeed. Thank you to all who purchased, came to visit each month to see what items we had managed to come up with...the awesome swaps between the girls, the friendships formed and still continuing today.

so good bye to TCCT for now... here's to a speedy return!


Lida said...

So sorry for you all, but sometimes things just happen! I hope you wil stay in touch with each other and enjoy your creativity! And Julie I hope to see many more of yours on this blog! Hugs

Chris said...

Hey Jules
Thanks so much for popping up your post about TCCT. I personally would like to thank you for the support and assistance you showed me in the 3 years I looked after TCCT and also for the way in which I know you supported Bev.

As you said, hopefully we will be able to return bigger and better and here's also hoping that you will be a part of it again if it returns....thanks once again Julie xxx