Sunday, November 5, 2017

catchup time!

Spring has well and truly sprung!
a tiny birds nest (from last  year) blown out of a nearby tree

 my gorgeous Jacobean Lily has bloomed again
and theres  a few more with buds on them
they only last a very short time but are just so spectactular!
 had a couple of weeks holiday..,
this was part two, spent up at my sisters place
these next few photos were all taken on one day!
it rained, it cleared up, it poured, it cleared up
and then we had a gorgeous sunset with rain in the distance

 some of the flowers out of my garden
 recent walks around the lake were just as lovely as always
 an outing with two of my girls to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie
it was Strawberry Festival for 10 days
 a few of my gorgeous roses,
before the rain ruined them!
 this one made me laugh!
one of our resident kookaburras (last years baby)
decided this was a great place to look for worms in the lawn
 and my new nail colour!
 we got caught in a hail storm 
so that's it for the time being...
what have you been up to?


Anthea said...

Wow lots of great pics Julz... you certainly get some gorgeous blooms from your garden, I bet they smell as good as they look!

kiwikid said...

Lots of beautiful photos Julz, some amazing skies there. You have ben picking beautiful flowers from your garden. Love the kookaburra the owl supposed to scare bird life?? 😆😆

Michelle Ridgway said...

Love your gorgeous lily. Sudh beautiful blooms from your garden too. What a beautiful spot to have a break.....very dramatic with the different weather moving in. Very cute Kooka xx