Sunday, January 15, 2017

catch up on the first 2 weeks of 2016!

well we have been busy here...
remember those trees that we lost recently? 
see here for a recap.
We got a guy in to clean them all up,
it was easier than trying to use the insurance company!

 logs all stacked up for cutting up later, 
3 huge bonfires!
this one is looking down the back from the garden fence, 
cleared the track up

and some Splendid Sampler blocks to add to the growing pile
this one is a bonus block, 

and these next 2 are regular blocks

and my new nails!
loving this colour
well that's about it.... 
time to get into the 2 blocks that I'm behind on already for SS, 
and some catchup on Stan!


Maria said...

You have been busy both in the yard and sewing... pretty nails too...

Denice Barker said...

I really like the top block. Even though it's bits and pieces it all works. I have to be more adventurous!

Chookyblue...... said...

plenty of fire wood for this winter.......