Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bah Humbug! swap

thank you Lynda for my awesome gifts!

 a gorgeous Christmas mug,
a lovely mug rug that I can use all year's simply lovely!
a cute card....and
of course some yummies!
all wrapped in a beautiful FQ...
thank you to the No Fuss Swap guys are just awesome!
this was a totally fantastic idea and has simply been No Fuss!
Merry Christmas to all of the No Fuss Swap Swappers out has been a great year and hopefully next year will be just as wonderful!


Maria said...

Lovely gifts from Lynda.....Enjoy !!

Sandi said...

So glad you have been part of our journey of creating no fuss swaps.. its been a great year and everyone has done a fantastic job in keeping to the rules and just enjoying themselves..
Merry Christmas Julz, hope next year is fabulous for you and your family..xx