Tuesday, October 11, 2016

windy weekend

wild and windy weekend...
wind gusts of over 120km ph
lots of cleanup in the weeks to come

 each tree ripped out, root balls are huge!
YD standing next to one for size
huge job as many are tangled up like this
well at least no one was hurt or injured,
the house didn't get hit.
thinking of others that are a lot worse off!
our neighbour had a huge tree hit the back of his house,
another friend also lost the back of their house with a huge tree
symphony of chainsaws around here!
and the guys and girls that got the power back on, thank you!


gracie said...

Such a mess. Glad you and you home are okay.

Anthea said...

Oh wow Julz, glad those tress didn't connect with your house! Such a shame to lose them... firewood for next year??!