Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday already!

wow where has the week gone to again?
my holidays seem to be flying past !
lucky I have weeks off...3 to go.

Today has seen me up at  5.20am (yes you read that right!)
along with my youngest.
We were off to the hospital to have her wisdom teeth removed, all 4!
She did very well,
jelly and ice cream, frozen coke slurpies and custard...
we will see what tonight and tomorrow bring...
pain and bruising I'm sure!

Yesterday saw my parcel sent off to Tatyana for the No Fuss Swappers Swap...
more on that when it has been received and opened on March 18th.

Tomorrow I'm trying for a sewing day...
I did take along a sweet Gail Pan stitchery but only got a small amount done,
amazing how quick the surgery was!

I'm off to see how the patient is.
If she needs more jelly and ice cream

1 comment:

Chookyblue...... said...

feeling your daughters pain....been there done that......OMG.....keep up the cold soft things........