Thursday, January 28, 2016

one UFO down!

this one has been hanging around for more years than I care to remember!
now it is done...all that it needed was 2 blocks added in to make it square and a final border to bring it all together, took about 5 hours to complete.
sometimes I wonder why it  takes so long to get around to finishing a project when there really isn't much to do to finish it?
strange creatures we are sometimes!


Denice Barker said...

Well, if you're like me then your brain starts to think of the next project as you get close to finishing something but the ideas for the next project seem to take over and you put down the one that's almost finished so you can work out the ideas for the new project and the old project gets buried under the ingredients you need for the new one! How's that for convoluted thinking!

Lida said...

Whow, that looks fab! What is next? LOL! Hugs

Susan C. said...

Ah humph.....(that's me clearing my throat) I um have one of those in my pile of things in that corner. I however have about 50 hours of work to complete mine. I like your colours and arrangement. Well done on the finish, it does feel good and yes sometimes we do procrastinate without good reason. But don't look back and regret, it's finished now, YAY! What's next in your finish list!

Bev C said...

Love your crochet rug, congrats on the finish.

Happy days.