Saturday, January 3, 2015


has arrived!
Happy New Year to all
(yes I'm a bit late!)
New Year's day found me not feeling the best,
and no it was not alcohol related, I think it was something I got from work,
we had a couple of sickies leading in from Christmas/New Year,
so thanks for sharing your germs, NOT!
Anyway, now I'm back to normal,
all the Christmas decorations have been packed away til next time,
the house still needs a good clean up as there is bits of tinsel and glitter everywhere!
Stitching on my Lucy Bostons has been on the agenda the last couple of days,
slow progress is being made....
Hope that everyone in the path of the bushfires stay safe,
my thoughts are with you.
and on that note, stay cool,
it's heading towards 40 here today, and the wind is gusting around a lot!
back soon with some piccs of the LBs

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