Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cross Stitch Saturday! part 2

Chookyblue has organised Part 2 of Cross Stitch Sampler weekend,

this one hangs in the entry hall,
it was supposed to be half the size (done over one thread, I cheated and did it over 2)

and this one hangs in my bedroom over the tall boy mirror.

I love this one, it was a real challenge with the different greens, I think from memory there are about 6 different shades for the leaves and berries, and varying hues of brown, that look almost green! Almost sent me barmy, but very glad I finished it.


loulee said...

Oooh! I stitched that cottage one too. I wonder where it is? Thanks for the memories and for sharing.

gracie said...

Very nice...thanks for sharing

Rose Marie said...

Especially love that cottage one; but both are lovely!