Saturday, March 13, 2010

I've been to....

the Monbulk Quilt Show that Karen organised.

(sorry no pics of the show itself...forget my camera and had to use my phone....
and guess who can't get the
#@$#$@$# photos off the phone on to the computer with bluetooth?????
so you will just have to wait til after work on Monday, when I take them and put them onto a disk!!!!
yes just a tiny bit annoyed here....can't you tell... only played with it for an hour before giving up!

you can stop laughing now girls!!!

so instead I will show you my showbags....
(yes you only get one each, but I took 2 of my girls and I stole theirs!!!! cos they won't use them)

and my very small purchases... my lucky dip (2 patterns and a FQ), some perle cotton, and yummy cottage garden threads...
been hearing so much about these I thought it time to get some!

so until I get my photos off my phone....
cheers for now

PS Lovely to catch up with you Cath, we will definitely have to make a coffee date, finally found Robyn too!

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