Sunday, May 17, 2009

Little Quilt Show

Hi all, I'm back.....too much work and definitely not enough play....the only remedy for that is TATTS....but that didn't come through either!!!!! Bugger.

Anyway enough I went to a little quilt show in our little are some of the lovely quilts on show....
this beautiful one was strips of crazy patchwork with the most exquisite embroidery on some of the is a close of one bit....

and this gorgeous example of colourique....
As I said, it wasn't a very big show, but the quilts on display were lovely to say the least.

I have actually managed to do a little bit of sewing today too! A first for a pics...they're taking way toooo long to load today.

By the way, TCCT latest addition is out, go have a look, there is always something great to look at on there.

cheers Julz

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